About Skills Matter

We’re Europe’s largest community of software developers regularly coming together and we’ve recently opened the UK’s largest venue dedicated to technology events!

Skills Matter was founded in 2003, when we made it our mission to help drive innovation in software engineering by bringing smart and creative developers together to learn and share new skills, discover emerging technologies and evolve practices and ideas.

With an unwavering can-do attitude and inherent belief in the brain power and creativity of our community, Skills Matter has grown from humble origins to 60,000 members strong in just over a decade.

Whatever your appetite, we’ve got just the thing for you. In amazing central London venue, CodeNode, we welcome hundreds of members every night who come to listen to and engage with the forerunners from their fields in our free community talks.

Besides playing host to many a user group, we run our very own series of ‘In the Brain‘ talks, – for quick exposure to the latest on the minds of the leading innovators in software development.

Should you want to delve a little deeper, we organise about 25 conferences a year, where we gather the experts to share their incredible ideas on new technologies and best practices. Our one or two-day “eXchanges” offer a survey of a technology through 45-minute talks. Our ‘Progressive Tutorials‘ are intensive workshops that include 4-hour long tutorials to really immerse yourself and gain hands-on experience.

Once you’ve decided to adopt and implement a technology or best practice in your project, you can come along to one of our multi-day training courses. You’ll be learning from the real experts: the authors, creators, and intentors of technologies. Who better to put a couple of questions to and get your hands dirty with? If you are unable to join us in our London venue, do not despair.

We like to stay in touch. You can keep an eye on our website (skillsmatter.com) and twitter feed (@skillsmatter) to stay up-to-date of all the latest updates!

Phone: 0207 183 9040

Email: info@skillsmatter.com