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Weekipedia — this week and next @skillsmatter

What a week that was for us at Skills Matter! The panic on the streets of London left this town looking like a ghost town by Tuesday night — although thankfully our Clerkenwell home was free from violence and unrest, the same can’t be said for all our staff and members of the community.

Monday night at Skills Matter was welcomed in by the London Ruby User Group, with two expertly delivered talk. The first talk came from Gareth Rushgrove about using configuration management tools like Chef to set things up, and Vagrant to easily manage the virtual machines from the command line. Watch Gareth’s LRUG talk here:

Paul Mucur followed gave a presentation on Puppet, on how configuration management allowed him to not only install and configure servers quickly and in a repeatable way, but also let him feel confident about the consistency of each and every machine to which he deployed. Watch Paul’s LRUG talk here: Remember, our recordings include video, slides and coding from the talks — and are usually available the morning following any presentation at Skills Matter. Our podcasters are the unsung heroes of Skills Matter — if you see one around, show them some love!

Following hot on the heels of the London Ruby User Group, the London Ajax User Group took to centre stage on Tuesday night. Civil unrest over the weekend and on Monday in the cities had made some people understandably concerned about making it home — but those that came along to Skills Matter for LAUG were impressed with a talk from Jonathan Evans on Developing Web Apps with the Cappuccino framework. Cappuccino is not just for breakfast any more — and you can see for yourself what the fuss is about by watching the video here:

A combination of factors meant that talks originally planned for Wednesday night were all postponed — including the London Scala User Group on Scalaz with Chris Marshall, a talk on Coffeescript with Andrew Chalkley, and a talk from the excellent Allan Kelly on How to be an Agile Company. But attendees were encouraged not to lose heart, the events have all been rescheduled. Check out the list below for details!

In The Brain of Allan Kelly: What does it take to be an Agile company? – September 1Allan Kelly

Everyone wants to be Agile, or so it seems. But what does that mean? What does the Agile company do that others don’t? In this talk Allan Kelly considers what it means to be Agile and what you need to do to be an Agile company, rather than a company which just follows an Agile method. September 1: sign up here.

London Scala User Group: Practical Scalaz: making your life easier the hard way – September 14Chris Marshall

Previous talks have concentrated on the fundamentals and construction of the scalaz. In this talk, Chris Marshall (one of only four scala gold-badged users on StackOverflow) will concentrate on using Scalaz to help make certain tasks easier and to avoid repeating yourself. September 14: sign up here.

So what is on the table for next week at Skills Matter?

Scrum in action The inimitable Martine Devos will be with us imparting several decades worth of real-world Scrum experience to two enthusiastic classes at Skills Matter. This is your chance to get yourself certified by a real enthusiastic and persuasive expert — Martine delivers her Certified ScrumMaster and Estimation class on August 15 & 16, followed by her Certified Scrum Product Owner class on August 18 & 19. Martine takes no prisoners with these hands-om and immersive Scrum courses — if you want to get that Scrum certification, you have to jump in!
Certified Scrum Master: Aug 15-16book here.
Certified Scrum Product Owner: Aug 18-19book here.

F#unctional Londoners Meetup Group: Gary Short on Applied F# – August 16F#

In this presentation, Gary Short looks at how he uses F#, and we’ll see examples of F# used to calculate values for some of the metrics that are important in my line of work. August 16: sign up here.

In The Brain of Miles Sabin: Encoding Unboxed Union Types in Scala – August 16Miles Sabin: Advanced Scala

In this talk, advanced Scala expert Miles Sabin will show how we can encode union types in Scala. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to play cool and practically applicable tricks with Scala’s type system, then this is the place to be. August 16: sign up here.

In The Brain of Andrew Chalkley, Introduction to CoffeeScript – August 18Andrew Chalkley

Andrew Chalkley will review the core functionality of what CoffeeScript has to offer. Even if you don’t adopt CoffeeScript as part of your toolkit, it’s worth a look to learn how the resulting JavaScript is compiled in order to help with performance and other JavaScript best practices. August 18: sign up here.

So that’s how it stands for the next week — you’ve got Functional Programming from the F#unctional Londonders Meetup Group, Andrew Chalkley on CoffeeScript, Miles Sabin’s advanced Scala talk on encoding unboxed union types, and word-class Scrum training. What more could you possibly want — other than, in the words of Elvis Costello, “peace, love and understaning”? Just wait until you see what is coming up later in the month!

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Weekipedia: next week at #skillsmatter

  July is here and while the summer sun may be nowhere to be seen recently, Skills Matter is the hottest spot this side of Havana. Among the superstars coming to town next week is the infamous Robert C. Martin — known affectionately in the Agile world as “Uncle Bob”. Uncle Bob Martin will be delivering two expert training courses; his Software Craftmanship Clean Code workshop as well as his TDD and Refactoring course — as an added bonus, Uncle Bob is also giving an “In the Brain” seminar on the Last Programming Language. This seminar has been so popular we have had to close even the waiting list — but as with all our talks, it will be recorded and the Skillscast video available on the Skills Matter website the next day.

What else? Well, since you ask, we also have Scrum expert Mike Vizdos delivering the ever-popular Scrum Master certification, and the editor-in-chief of JSFCentral and “JavaServer Faces in Action” author Kito Mann giving a free talk on Polyglot Java Server Faces (a must for anyone with an interest in JSF and Java, Scala, Groovy or Ruby) as well as expert training in acclaimed JSF2 in Action.

It’s also a good week for Ruby users, since the London Ruby User Group (LRUG) hit Skills Matter on Monday night, to discuss using ruby to build high-profile applications for large organizations. Ruby developers may also be interested in joining us for Paul Ardeleanu’s two day workshop, giving an introduction to iOS development — Paul regularly speaks at the iPhone user group meetups at London’s iPhone store, so will be a familar face to many in the iOS community.

Just when you think Skills Matter must surely burst at the seams with all this going on, we are hosting CDI Europe’s “Apps for Good” Dragon’s Den event, where teams of Apps for Good students will present their final app ideas to a panel of high profile industry professionals. Apps for Good work with young people, helping them to create mobile and web apps that make their world better, focusing on solving real life issues that matter to them and their community. At Skills Matter, we can’t speak highly enough of the work Apps for Good do — and encourage everyone to get involved.

One of the country’s biggest and busiest user groups — the London Java Community — joins us at Skills Matter on Thursday night, with talks on the blazingly hot topic JVM Cloud Platforms — including WSO2 Stratos and Cloud Founry. And finally, not to be outdone, with our newest NoSQL user groups, the Hadoop User Group UK, will be getting into some Hadoop discussions.

With all the great stuff we have going on, it’s a wonder sometimes we ever make it home at all. Find out more below and sign up for the expert training and free events we have coming up this week.

Expert training: Michael Vizdos’ ScrumMaster Certification
2 days: Starts Monday, July 11th.
Book your place now

Expert training: Uncle Bob Martin’s Clean Code: Agile Software Craftsmanship
3 days: Starts Monday, July 11th.
Book your place now

FREE EVENT:London Ruby User Group: Ruby Gems
For July’s LRUG we have an unintentional theme of using ruby to build high-profile applications for large organizations.
June 11th: Sign up for free here:

FREE EVENT:London Ajax User Group: Beyond Node.js
This month for the London Ajax User Group, we will have talks on Middleware for Node.js and Server-side JS, by Dylan Schiemann and Building real life applications with Node.js, by Darren Waddell.
July 12th: Sign up for free here:

FREE EVENT:Apps for Good: Dragons Den
Skills Matter is very proud to host the 3rd Apps for Good Dragons Den event, organised by Educational charity CDI Europe. This evening promises to be stimulating evening in the style of “Dragons’ Den” where teams of Apps for Good students will present their final app ideas to a panel of high profile industry professionals.
June 12th: Sign up for free here:

Expert training: Kito Mann’s JSF2 in Action
3 days: Starts Wednesday, July 13th.
Book your place now

In The Brain of Kito Mann: Polyglot JavaServer Faces
In this talk, Kito Mann — editor-in-chief of JSFCentral and author of the popular book JavaServer Faces in Action — will look at different techniques for using other languages with JSF. We’ll look at built-in Groovy support in Mojarra, using Groovy as a DSL for JSF views with Gracelets, JRuby integration with Spring, and examine writing JSF applications with Scala.
June 11th: Sign up for free here:

In The Brain of Uncle Bob (Robert C. Martin), The Last Programming Language
In this talk, Uncle Bob addresses the question “Have we explored the language space”?. And if that’s the case, should we stop exploring that space, and simply pick “The Last Programming Language”?
June 13th: This talk is now full — but go here to watch the Skillscast video after the event:
Expert training: Paul Ardeleanu’s Introduction to iOS Development
2 days: Starts Thursday, July 14th.

Book your place now
Expert training: Uncle Bob’s Test Driven Development and Refactoring
2 days: Starts Thursday, July 14th.
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London Java Community: JVM Cloud Platforms
July’s London Java Community (LJC) meeting will be on JVM Cloud Platforms, with talks coming from Paul Fremantle on WSO2 Stratos Cloud Platform, and Peter Leadbrook on Cloud Foundry.
June 14th: Sign up for free here:

FREE EVENT:Hadoop User Group UK: Hadoop Discussions
This month, the Hadoop User Group will have a discussion based session. This is your chance to discuss your experience and any issues you may have encountered.
June 14th: Sign up for free here: