Domain Driven Design

2013 is behind us, but 2014 is just beginning! Check out these conferences from Skills Matter!

Droidcon 2013, London

Last year we ran 29 conferences, attracting people from all over the world to our events in London and New York, and we had a blast! Not ones to rest on our laurels, we’re very pleased to announce the following conferences for 2014. There will be more to follow, with an exciting opportunity for iOS developers in the works, so be sure to keep an eye on our website for more info, or follow us on Twitter for updates!

The Functional Programming eXchange 2014

Functional Programming eXchange 14 Mar 2014

The Functional Programming eXchange returns to Skills Matter for it’s sixth year with the theme Data Science with Functional Programming. This is the ultimate chance to meet and learn from the leading experts in the Functional world. Meet other like minded developers, not necessarily just from your specific discipline, to share common challenges and discuss practical solutions.

Rather than focusing on the merits of one language above another, the eXchange gives a platform for cross functional solutions to software problems. There will be ample opportunity to brainstorm, code, and interact with 100+ functional developers on the day.

CukeUp! 2014

Cukeup! 10 Apr 2014

CukeUp! 2014 is a fast-paced conference inspired by and organised with Aslak Hellesøy, the creator of Cucumber BDD – who will also be this years’ keynote speaker. Together, we’ve been assembling the community since 2011 for this intense conference – 2014 will see it stretch to two days for the first time, which just proves its popularity!

This exciting event is based around tutorials on the first day, and 30 minute talks on the second day – you can look forward to hearing about all the latest developments and best practices in Cucumber, presented by leading experts.

Progressive .NET Tutorials 2014

Progressive .NET Tutorials 28 May 2014

Don’t miss this three-day conference, where you’ll be taking a real deep-dive into .NET in four-hour sessions! These three days are a highly practical, deep-dive insight into complicated ideas and topics on everything to do with .NET in an intensive learning atmosphere – you’ll need your laptop!

With the help of Ian Cooper, the London .Net user group lead and renowned .Net expert, we will get you the best brains available!


DDD eXchange 20 June 2014

At the DDD eXchange 2014 you’ll discover all the newest innovations in Domain-Driven Design and get the chance to learn and share solutions and new ideas! This eXchange brings together the Domain Driven Design community with the experts who lead it for a day of networking, sharing new ideas, creating partnerships, and learning from the best and brightest in the field.

Each year, with the blessing of Eric Evans (the father of Domain-Driven Design) we welcome an array of high-profile speakers to explore and share new thoughts about DDD with grass-roots designers, programmers, and architects.

Did you attend one of our conferences in 2013? What did you think? What else would you like to see Skills Matter cover in 2014? Let us know in the comments section below!

DDD eXchange: one week to go! @skillsmatter #dddx

Now in its 4th year, the DDD Exchange has become one of the focal points of the DDD community

The Skills Matter DDD eXchange 2012 is just a week away — and we’re excited to be able to announce two new presenters for this star-studded conference.  While we are sad to report that Hans Dockter will no longer be presenting at the DDD eXchange, the great news is that we now have Cyrille Martraire and Alberto Brandolini lending their skills and their brains.

Cyrille will report on how DDD has been applied to capture deep models of the domain, within bounded contexts that emerged in the course of the project, and how DDD also helped to build a strategy for dealing with the legacy code. Read more here

Alberto has been helping different development teams exploring complicated domains to implement sophisticated application. But the more he explores very different domains, the more he has realised there’s more underlying commonalities that he hadn’t previously realised. Read more here

There are still tickets available through the Skills Matter website — get yours here

June brings DDD to Skills Matter

As the temperatures start to rise, DDD fever hits Skills Matter this June.

The man who needs no introduction, Gojko Adzic, kicks off the month’s expert training with Eric Evans’ DDD Immersion Workshop.

This intensive four day course teaches you how to put the domain model to work, and how to strike a healthy balance between digging into your subject matter and addressing technological issues.

Eric Evans is the author of Domain-driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software, and will be making a guest appearance during the course in London.  this course combines to great effect practical exercises with discussions and lectures.  But you don’t need to take our word for it — check out Paul Rayner’s blog on Eric Evans’ course:

Eric Evans will also be the keynote speaker at the sold out Skills Matter DDD eXchange 2010.  Eric will be starting the day with his thoughts on Emerging Themes in Architecture and DDD in 2010, before giving in the afternoon a session on Folding Together DDD and Agile.

Check out Eric Evans at last year’s DDD eXchange:  Strategic Design & Responsibility

Also among the faces appearing at the star-studded event this year include Udi Dahan — fresh from delivering his courses on NServiceBus and Distributed SOA at Skills Matter, Greg Young author and trainer of CQRS, Domain Events, Event Sourcing and how to apply DDD, and founder of the London .NET User Group, Ian Cooper.

If you haven’t been able to beg, borrow or steal a ticket for this year’s sold-out event, you can still subscribe to the waiting list on the event page, and don’t forget to follow the DDD eXchange on twitter @skillsmatter #ddd.  Videos from all the talks will be posted online.

Closing the month at Skills Matter is Simon Brown’s Software Architecture for Developers. This course has been designed to jumpstart your way to becoming a software architect, by taking full advantage of the technical knowledge that you already have, and then broadening your software development skills.  An interactive introduction to software architecture and what it means to be a software architect, you’ll consistently reinforce everything you learn by defining the architecture for a small software system through a series of hands-on exercises.