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It’s gonna be big: Progressive Java Tutorials @skillsmatter

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Next week, on May 3 – 4, Skills Matter launches the first-ever Progressive Java Tutorials in London, an annual Java conference offering a unique blend of product and experience mixed, and tempered with theory and practice.

These two days will feature tutorials from leading experts in the Java & JVM world, presenting a contemporary Java use-case or technology.  You will be able to gain experience and skills, by attending hands-on, practical Java & JVM tutorials, on specific technology stacks, which match the morning talks

On the first day there will be Jan Machacek on Polyglot applications in Java and Spring — showing you just how easy it is to use Scala and Java in one project, Brian Sletten on Information Resources: Moving Beyond Objects, exploring explore REST and its implications on a resource-oriented environment.  In the afternoon, David Morgantini and Akash Bhalla will be Exploring enterprise Java outside of Java EE by way of a hands-on test-driven journey through writing a rich web application using Simple Framework and a NOSQL backend.

The second day of the Progressive Java Tutorials goes one louder, starting the day with Anirvan Chakraborty on Connecting to Neo4j using Spring Data — showing how to use Spring Data Neo4j to build a Spring-based web application based on the graph database Neo4j. Going head to head with Anirvan is Kito Mann of JSF Central on Full Stack Java EE. Kito makes the case for why it’s time to take another look at Java EE, provides an overview of the different parts of Java EE 6 and shows how you can quickly you can build a complete web application with ease.

The afternoon takes the Progressive Java to boiling point — with Agile Development guru and software craftsman Jon Jagger running his CyberDojo — a great practice environment for learning about coding, test driven development, team dynamics, and collaboration. And one of the highlights of Scala Days 2012, Viktor Klang, will be looking at Future Scala Futures — with a hands-on tutorial exploring Futures and Promises using the new APIs and how they can be used to compose asynchronous dataflow.

If you’re interested in Java, JVM, JEE, Scala, Neo4j as well as cutting edge software craftsmanship, come along to the tutorials — and be able to say you were there when the Progressive Java Tutorials began.