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Hello and welcome to This Week & Last. Pretty self-explanatorily, this weekly post does what it says on the tin. It’s just your weekly round-up of what’s ‘happening’ and what happened at Skills Matter. Simple, no? And convenient too, this is our cherry-pick of skillscasts for you to catch up on, and a look ahead at what you can sign up for this week. Dig in & click on!



London Ruby User Group

Talks by Andrew Nesbitt on ‘An introduction to Rubymotion’ and Khash Sajadi on ‘Background processing in Ruby (and Rails)

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London Ajax User Group – Performance in JavaScript

Jonathan Fielding leads a short trip through the different ways in which one can optimise javascript to take into account how a user will interact with the page to minimise loading time and maximise the performance of the site.

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In The Brain of Richard Clark – Practical Websockets

Richard will review the WebSocket protocol, discover how to deploy it successfully, look at the programming APIs, and see how to debug WebSocket traffic

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London .NET User Group – Event Driven Architecture

So you have decided to break up that monolithic application into services, after all it worked for Amazon, right? Perhaps you want to embrace the DevOps model, perhaps you want to scale your development. But just how do all those services talk to each other, and how do you build a UI on top of them?

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Obama signs up for Skills Matter

Obama signs up on Skills Matter


Continuous Delivery in a Corporate Windows World

How does the continuous delivery thing work if your web app runs on Windows? And what about when you don’t have access to the production environment?

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London Clojurians – Machine Learning with Clojure

Neale Swinnerton investigates which features of Clojure work well for machine learning and discuss some of the limitations and how to avoid them.

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London .NET User Group – iOS Development in C# with MonoTouch

C# to build iOS applications that take full advantage of Apple’s APIs to deliver stunning native applications.

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@UdiDahan returns to @skillsmatter this July — don’t miss him

Udi Dahan's 5-day course Advanced Distributed Systems Design with SOA will help you to take the pain out of designing large-scale distributed systems.

Udi Dahan — the Software Simplist — has been a regular at Skills Matter for many years, and frequently a familiar face at the DDD eXchange.

Udi is recognised in the community as a leading expert in the areas of Service-Oriented Architecture and Domain-Driven Design.  What’s more, Udi is also the co-creator of the Command/Query Responsibility Segregation pattern, and the founder of NServiceBus.  Is there anything he can’t do?

Udi returns to Skills Matter as part of our Summer of Architecture, and will be delivering his Advanced Distributed Systems Design with SOA between July 2nd and 6th.  While new technologies make it easier to comply with today’s communications and security standards, they won’t magically provide you with a robust and scalable system.

If you enjoy deep architectural discussion, if you are in charge of building a large-scale distributed system, and if you want to know more about how the big guys run their systems, sign up now for Udi Dahan’s Advanced Distributed Systems Design with SOA workshop!

Udi will also be delivering a free “In the Brain” talk while he is at Skills Matter, join him on the evening of July 2nd for Commands, Queries, and Consistency.

Free events during Summer of Architecture 2012 @skillsmatter

Free events and videos at Skills Matter

Despite the recent monsoonal turn in the weather here in London, at Skills Matter we’ve still got our hawaiian shirts and bermuda shorts out for the Summer of Architecture.  You’ve heard about the courses, you know all about the DDD eXchange — but did you know we have a host of free In the Brain talks from our world class experts?  Including a talk from the Godather of DDD himself: Eric Evans!

Look who’s talking:

June 27Andreas Ohlund: Death to the batch job
Join Andreas for some real-time solutions to time-bound processes with the latest and greatest sagas from NServiceBus

July 2 Udi Dahan: Commands, Queries, and Consistency
Join “the software simplist” Udi Dahan for a new perspective on CQRS using a new twist on the saga pattern.

July 3 Simon Brown: The code doesn’t tell the whole story
Join Simon to find out what’s missing and how to create lightweight documentation for your software projects.

July 5 Brian Sletten: RDFa Today
Join Brian for this remote session as he sets the stage, catches you up on what has been happening in the past year and explains why you need to be paying attention.

July 5 Eric Evans: Case Study Involving Strategic Design And Established Formalisms
Join the Godfather of DDD as he elaborates on his talk given to this year’s DDD eXchange: a case study involving strategic design and established formalisms. Described by #dddx attendees as a “Cool example of an out of the box approach to the problem”, “Vaguely earth-shattering” and generally great, this is not to be missed!

September 3 Alberto Brandolini: Domain-Driven Design… Dirty Harry Style
Join Alberto for some practical, real life advice about how to seed and grow DDD in a brownfield scenario.

As if that wasn’t enough, why not check out some of our recent Architecture related videos:
Greg Young: Analysis and DDD
Eric Evans on DDD Strategies for Moving Away from Legacy Systems
Udi Dahan: Hidden NServiceBus Gems
Udi Dahan: Modeling Distributed Systems with NServiceBus Studio
Simon Brown: How much up front design is just enough?
Gael Fraiteur: Multithreading beyond the lock keyword
Greg Young: 5 common reasons DDD projects fail and how to avoid them
Greg Young: Simple is better
Udi Dahan: CQRS, race conditions, and sagas – oh my!
Eric Evans on Welcome to DDD eXchange
Udi Dahan on Domain Models and Composite Applications
Jim Webber on REST and DDD
Patrik Fredriksson on DDD in a Functional Programming Language
Greg Young on Assert.That(We.Understand)
Matthew Wall on REST & APIs in the Guardian’s DDD Processes
Zi Makki: DDD Park Bench Discussion

What are your favourite? Leave your comments and feedback on the videos below — or share them on Twitter. Sharing is nice.

Progressive .NET Tutorials: watch the videos! @skillsmatter #prognet

Watch the videos from the 2012 Progressive .NET Tutorials

It’s been a week since the Progressive .NET Tutorials at Skills Matter.  The 3 days of tutorails were such a blast that we all needed two bank holidays just to recover and start planning the next big event.

No word of a lie, this was easily the best and most diverse #prognet we have ever run at Skills Matter — along with talks in Messaging and C#, there was Javascript, HTML5, RavenDB, Windows 8, simple.web, deliberate discovery and F#.   We also think at Skills Matter that Ian Cooper deserves a lion’s share of the praise for helping to put together such an incredible event as Progressive .NET Tutorials.  Show him some love.

Enough talk, though — you want to know what you missed and where you can see the videos, right? Right.  Then wait no more and look no further.

Liz Keogh on Deliberate Discovery, Cynefin and Real Options

Don Syme & Phil Trelford on Practical Functional-first Programming with F#

Matthew Baxter-Reynolds on Metro-style Apps for .NET Developers

Liam Westley on Async and C#5 – An Advance Screening

Mark Rendle on Introduction to Simple.Web

Ian Cooper on Messaging 101

Gary Short on End to End Javascript

Ben Hall on Automated Acceptance Testing

Dan Thomas on HTML5

Dylan Beattie on Security and Identity in the .NET World

Andrea Magnorsky on Introduction to RavenDB

Ashic Mahtab on Messaging – It’s not just about Large Scale Integration

Don’t forget — if you enjoyed the tutorials and videos please share them!  Most people find out about Skills Matter through word of mouth, so don’t keep it all to yourself!

Summer of Architecture 2012 @skillsmatter

The sun is out and here at Skills Matter HQ we’re watching out eagerly for the ice cream man — but even more exciting than an ice cream with a flake in it is the big names in Domain Driven Design, CQRS and Software Architecture that we have coming to join us over the coming weeks and months.

We’ve lined up a steady flow of architecture rock stars for the summer, including headliners Udi Dahan, Greg Young and Eric Evans, supported by experts Simon Brown, Andreas Ohlund and Alberto Brandolini to provide an exciting range of talks, discussions and practical workshops on all things architecture.

The only thing we’re missing is you — we’d love to see you soon!