This Week at Skills Matter: 26 – 29 August

The Open Tech School

The Open Tech School

As you read this we assume you’re asking the same question as us – can this really be the end of summer? But don’t be gloomy (even if this was the chilliest August Bank Holiday ever recorded), we’ve got six fantastic meetups this week, from Londroid looking at moving your app interface beyond 2D to an introduction to web programming with the Open Tech School. Check them all out below!


The London Android User Group join us for another fully booked talk this evening, as they discuss Holo to Material Design. This is an open discussion around one question – what if an interface wasn’t just 2D? If app developers take advantage of virtual light sources, realtime shadows and put an emphasis on clean typographic layouts with rich animated touch feedback, can they transition their beloved Holo? And if so, should they? And when!?

In anticipation of the talk, you’re also invited to share your own examples and apps using #materialdesign. Find out more and see the full agenda on the group’s page.

Also joining us tonight, the Open Tech School return for the second part of their introduction to web programming using Javascript. Be sure to bring a laptop!


The Neo4j User Group bring along speaker Rik Van Bruggen – regional territory manager for Neo Technology for the BeNeLux, UK, and Nordics – for a talk on importing data into Neo4j. With examples, strategies and live demos Rik will demonstrate the advantage of using a graph database to represent complex relationships between pieces of data directly, covering the various aspects of the data import process for Neo4j and present the existing procedures and tools.


Get hands-on with FParsec on Thursday as Phil Trelford and the F#unctional Londoners, as they introduce parsing domain-specific and general purpose languages using FParsec. Along the way you’ll cover creating a simple Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) with discriminated unions, and interpreting or compiling the language using pattern matching.

Go back to basics for WebGL Workshop London’s talk on WebGL, Three.js and Babylon.js. This month they finish the rotating dice in raw WebGL, then do the same in Three.js and Babylon.js for comparison. This is the second part of this talk, the first of which you can watch here.

Finishing off the week the London Java Community bring us their Java 8 Roadshow. Join speakers Tori Wieldt, Raoul-Gabriel Urma and Richard Warburton as they take you through the great new features on Java 8!

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