This Week at Skills Matter: 28 July – 01 August


In The Brain of Giovanni Asproni, Tuesday


We begin the week with an In The Brain talk from Melanie Diepenbeck, who is exploring an improved Behaviour Driven Development. Using ideas from her own research on Behaviour Driven Development for System Design at the University of Bremen, Melanie will show us a new (enhanced) BDD flow will be presented that includes verification right from the start. In this new flow the behaviour of a system is expressed in a more flexible way using properties and scenarios.

We got the chance to interview Melanie last week, which you can read here.


Our second In The Brain talk of the week will be with Giovanni Asproni, an independent consultant specialised in helping companies and teams to become more effective at producing and delivering high quality software. Would you like to learn how to employ design for testability in the software domain to improve code quality and delivery time as well as cost? Join us tonight to find out how.

Sticking with the testing theme, Tuesday also sees Infracoders London join us for a discussion on testing servers like software. In this talk, developer turned operations person Peter Morley-Souter will explore some of the tools and approaches to use to test your configuration automation tool of choice.


The Neo4J User Group return on Wednesday to look at some real world Neo4J use cases with Matt Stephens and Tareq Abedrabbo. Find out what lessons Matt learned creating, chatting about lessons learned, things he would approach differently in retrospect, and giving a quick demo of the site.

Tareq will then share his real world experiences on two interesting use cases, around Impact Analysis and Network Optimisation.This talk will explore these use cases detailing the approach, the rationale and the outcome of each one in a way that is applicable within a wider context.

London Storm will be here for their third part in a series exploring scalable real-time analytics with Storm Trident. Focussing on productionalisation of Storm/Trident solutions you will learn how to prepare a Storm cluster, integrate Storm with ‘real’ message queues & databases and deploy and monitor solutions.


We’re delighted to be hosting the inaugural meetup of the Chef Users London group, an informal group for folks to gather and talk about using Chef for Infrastructure as Code, IT Automation, and Continuous Delivery. At this first meetup they welcome Harry Thompson from Kurtosys and Steven Danna of Chef, who will be discussing what Devops means to Kurtosys and a more technical talk from Steven.

The Limited WIP Society want to hear more from the practitioners and people in the group on how they have changed the way they work in their organisation at their meetup on Thursday. This is an opportunity for everyone in the group to come and tell their stories, specially of interest is hearing about what didn’t work or didn’t work the way you expected it.

Finally on Thursday, and rounding off our week of free events, the WebGL Workshop will be going back-to-basics with a meetup aimed at those who have no experience of WebGL. This session will cover the WebGL basics – setting-up, debugging, basic interaction and simple animation and, time permitting, the same with Three.js – a JavaScript 3D Library which makes WebGL simpler.

Droidcon 2014 line-up to be announced this week!


The Droidcon London 2014 lineup will be announced this Friday, including our signature community Barcamp feature and old friends from last year like Chris Bridges, Al Sutton, and Cyanogen.

The Barcamp is our community-focused feature that gives the Android developer community the opportunity to decide the direction of the day! Barcamp takes up most of the first day – developers have 5 minutes to propose their own talks or presentations on whatever they think is interesting and will interest others. Everyone else votes on which talks they’d most like to hear, and the presentations with the most votes get a room and a time slot. Democracy at work!

Be sure to keep an eye on our Twitter feed for the latest announcements on all things Droidcon, or head on over to the Droidcon page now to book your early-bird ticket!


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