This Week at Skills Matter: 21 – 25 July

swift-blog-postWe’re joined tonight for the first series of talks by the new Swift London user group, following on from their opening meeting a week ago. The group’s focus is on this brand new language from Apple, which is promising to make waves in the developer community.

We’ve also got some great talks on Big Data, App development, Code Golf and public speaking – check out all of our meetups below!


Join Swift London, with speakers Anthony Levings and Roger Domenech, for an evening all things Swift. Drawing on his own experiences, as well as common difficulties surfacing on Twitter, StackOverflow, and the like, Anthony will be giving a cautionary guided tour of optionals, passing closures, and other major new features of Swift.

Roger presents an introduction to Xcode’s Playground, with a practical focus on Scene Kit. A mixture of tool demonstration, basic Playground setup, Xcode integration, Scene Kit 3D object creation and custom shader use, with a little room for surprises (or Xcode crashes).


Tuesday brings Pentaho London through our doors for a series of discussions on Pentaho, ETL and Big Data. Mark Melton begins the evening talking about visual map reduce with Pentaho and how this fits together with Yarn. Mark is followed by Diethard Steiner discussing Kimball-style data mart with PDI, Harris Ward on cool CTools plugins, Matt Casters on the latest and greatest cool big data POCs and Tom Barber looking at the possibilities that Apache OODT bring to BI.

Next up on Tuesday, the London Java Community will be speaking out with a workshop for public speaking in tech. Along with Richard Warburton and Martijn Verburg, find out how public speaking is a great opportunity for people to raise their professional profile and employment opportunities, and why it is also regularly identified as the activity which people fear the most.


One of the biggest advantages of Julia is that it shares the strengths of both Matlab and Python, but it’s much quicker. There are a lot of exciting packages being built in Julia, and on Wednesday evening the London Julia Users Group and Samuel Colvin will demonstrate some of the best and give a short guide to creating your own ones. Samuel comes from an oil industry background where Matlab rules. Now he is a freelance developer, a Python user but also a Julia devotee.

Mean Stack are joined by three speakers, with Marek Karwowski telling us that good application development is all about making educated choices, and Martin Pomeroy & Paul Boon talking on Q&A Spot.


Rounding off the week of meetups for us, the F#unctional Londoners return to enjoy a pleasant round of Code Golf in F#. In this hands-on session, you’ll be having a game of Code Golf, where the objective is to complete your program in as few (key)strokes as possible.

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