7 Top Android Skillscasts To Keep You On Top Of Your Game

Over the past few years, Android development has come leaps and bounds, and we’ve been delighted to be there along the way hosting some fantastic meetups and conferences to learn and share the best of it.

Check out our pick of the seven best Skillscasts from our archives, or check out our site for more. Got a favourite that isn’t in the list? Be sure to share it in the comments section below!

Smart-phones in Space: A Guide – Chris Bridges (Droidcon 2013 keynote)

A small team in Guildford, led by Dr Chris Bridges, launched a satellite – which includes a Nexus 1 – into low Earth orbit. Watch this keynote talk from Droidcon 2013 to learn about the journey from cradle to grave in Earth’s first of many ‘phone-sat’ projects, and how hardware and software challenges were overcome to achieve this scientific feat in teaching and research.

The New Gradle based Android Build System – Hans Dockter

The founder of the Gradle build system Hans Dockter, gave an energetic talk showing Gradle’s unique aspects and innovative system displays including how this build automation tool has the most advanced dependency management system out there. He also talks about Gradleware’s business journey, looking at  forming their team, automation, scalability and more.

A million times Pattrn – Lucas Rocha

Lucas Rocha gave the first ever public talk about Pattrn to the London Android User Group in August last year. He tells the story behind Pattrn, a unique wallpaper app for phones and tablets that gives you access to the huge collection of patterns created by the COLOURlovers community, as well as some useful Android design and development tips that might help your app stand out.

Accessing the cloud through your Android App – Steve Plank

Often, when we think of compute (as distinct from mere storage) in the Cloud we think of service creation, service management and operational gumph like patching, security updates, virus management and so on. Steve Plank, technology evangelist for Microsoft UK, shows how all the non-sexy “plumbing” of running a cloud-based compute service can be almost eliminated. He also explores the few simple steps needed to connect an Android App up to a customisable Cloud service that exposes simple APIs for database access, notifications, authentication, authorization and so on with Windows Azure Mobile Services.

Fist of Awesome – Nicoll Hunt

Have you ever punched a bear in the face? Nicoll Hunt has, and apparently it’s a lot of fun!

Nicoll Hunt’s indie game project for Android FIST OF AWESOME (the game where you punch a lot nefarious bears) smashed through its Kickstarter funding targets in just 14 days. Nicoll gave an entertaining talk about what it’s like to run a Kickstarter project, the challenges of developing a game simultaneously on Android and iOS, his involvement in the new OUYA Android-based TV console and why he went full circle from working for big companies back to bedroom coding.

Building Songkick on Android – Akshay Dashrath & Jamie McDonald

Songkick launched their Android app early in 2012. Jamie Dashrath and Akshay McDonald presented a case-study of the project, revealing how Novoda worked with Songkick to bring the app from whiteboard to market as well as the key decisions taken to create a great Android experience.

Android App Hardening – Scott Alexander-Bown

Android is to mobile what Windows is to desktop pc world; the biggest! Coupled with its open nature it’s the primary target for mobile attackers. As developers we need to ensure our apps protect users data and privacy. Scott arms you with practical solutions and sample code to harden your app.

Droidcon London 2014

Droidcon 2014Always a highlight of our year here at Skills Matter, Droidcon London 2014 is looking to be bigger and better than ever before!

Last year, we featured bleeding-edge devices like the Smart mirror and wash basin from Seraku, Epson’s Moverio glasses, and Smart watches from i’m Watch, and we’ve got more cool stuff coming up in 2014.

Not only will you get to play with all the latest devices, we have some of our best speakers returning again – including Dr Chris Bridges, Cyanogen, Hans Dockter from Gradleware and Al Sutton – to give you an update on all the innovative things they’re working on. Android is becoming the definitive “OS of Things”, and this is your opportunity to find out all the latest developments.

Check out the Droidcon page now for more info and book your ticket now!

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