Friday Round-Up: 7 – 11 July

In The Brain of Heiko Seeberger

In The Brain of Heiko Seeberger

You may expect this blog post to begin with a reference to a particular unexpected football score this week. However, as the author of this post was knocked out of the office sweepstake by the same winning team last week he lost interest by Tuesday. So let’s talk about what went down at Skills Matter HQ instead…

Here’s what you may have missed at Skills Matter this week!

The Week in Skillscasts

Every week we record the majority of meetups and user groups that come to our offices in London for evening events and talks. These are our Skillscasts – and they’re all available for free on!

WTF is Deep Learning with Jeff Abrahamson, at the Deep Learning London Meetup on Skills Matter.

Monday evening brought us two talks from the London Big-O Meetup, who parleyed on the subjects of the Burrows Wheeler Transforms and the Master Theorem.

Ole Schulz-Trieglaff, of the Computational Biology R&D department of Illumina in Chesterford, discussed the Burrows-Wheeler Transform (BWT) – an algorithm used in well-known data compression tools such as bzip2. He explained how it works, permuting the input characters in the text and grouping similar characters close to each other, and why this is useful for subsequent compression by run-length encoding or move-to-front transforms.

Christina Nicolau, a specialist in working with large scale enterprise web applications, delved into the Master Theorem as she looked at the out-of-the-box method for computing the complexity of certain classes of Divide et Impera algorithms. Watch the Skillscast now to look inside the box to see how the magic happens!

It was the turn of London Ajax on Tuesday, who also brought along two fantastic speakers for their July meetup which focussed on React – the low-level library for event-driven programming in PHP.

Areeb Malik went big with React as he looked at what happens when you stress test Javascript. Have you ever wondered what happens when you throw 6 megabytes of code at it? Now you can find out!

Areeb was joined by Markus Kobler who explored React and the importance isomorphic single page apps as he walked through building an app that delivers a better user experience.

The Deep Learning London meetup were in on Wednesday to answer the question that we know has been on all of your minds; WTF is Deep Learning? Neither machine learning nor deep learning are new topics, but they have both seen remarkable advancement in the last decade. Watch Jeff Abrahamson as he delves into this rapidly advancing field, looking at what we now call deep learning, its origins, and its applications.

Finally on Thursday we were joined by the awesome Heiko Seeberger, Director Services and Akka Engineer for Typesafe, for his In The Brain talk on high availability with Akka Cluster and Akka Persistence in Scala or Java, along with various advanced Akka features and patterns such as spray (or Akka HTTP).

Brand new User Group meeting soon!

chefWe’re delighted to welcome Chef Users London to Skills Matter for their first ever UK meetup.

Chef is an open source systems integration framework from Chef that allows you to describe the configuration of systems and infrastructure in code. It brings the benefits of configuration management to your entire infrastructure.

Using Chef, you write cookbooks which describe the desired state of your systems and infrastructure. You then define roles, which are collections of cookbooks and attributes to be applied and apply them to your systems.

Their inaugural meetup is on the 31st July, when Harry Thompson and Steven Danna will introduce two talks for the evening exploring Devops, Kurtosys and more! Register your place here.

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