This Week at Skills Matter: 23 – 27 June

The glorious British summer is in full swing, and along with the superb London sunshine we’re bringing you a fantastic jam-packed week of meetups, In The Brain’s, conferences and community events.

The gang here at Skills Matter HQ are particularly excited to welcoming back the legend of Agile that is Uncle Bob Martin. Uncle Bob will be giving an In The Brain talk tonight with our friends at DigitasLBi on The Future of Agile (If Any) – more details below!

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Uncle Bob Martin at Skills Matter

The week kicks off with the fantastic Uncle Bob Martin, who returns to Skills Matter to find out if there is any future left for Agile. After helping to develop the Agile Manifesto in 2001, no one had any idea just how successful it would be. Following on from Kent Beck’s stated prime goal at that meeting “to heal the divide between business and development”, Uncle Bob asks if that divide has been healed, or has it been made worse?

He will also address the burning topic of Agile at the moment to ask – is Agile still succeeding today, or has it been diluted into irrelevance? Drawing from his years of experience and leadership in the field, this will be one talk any Agile Practitioner will not want to miss!

This event is being held at the offices of our friends at DigitasLBi, the global marketing and technology agency that transforms business for the digital age. You can find directions to the talk here.

Also on tonight, at our usual Skills Matter HQ location, we welcome Axel Fontaine for a talk on Immutable Server Generation: the new App Deployment. Axel is an entrepreneur, public speaker, continuous delivery expert and independent consultant based in Munich, and will be joining us to challenge the status quo and propose a radical rethinking of App development.

App deployment is a complex and time-consuming process. It requires OS installers, package management tools, configuration recipes, install and deployment scripts, server tuning, hardening and more. Come along tonight to find out if this is really necessary, and what would happen if you could start over and radically simplify the process!


The Deep Learning London Meetup return on Thursday for a talk on Deep Gaussian processes. Andreas Damianou will take you through a newly introduced family of Bayesian approaches aiming at combining the structural advantages of deep models with the expressive power of Gaussian processes.

Learn how the obtained deep belief networks are constructed using continuous variables connected with nonparametric mappings; therefore, the methodology used for training and inference deviates from traditional deep learning paradigms. Sign up now!


The Neo4J User Group kick off the first of two talks on Wednesday as they explore building Neo4j backed web applications. Mark Needham looks at analysing London’s NoSQL meetups using Clojure, Neocons & Luminus, whilst Axel Morgner will show you how to get a Neo4j backed web application up and running using Structr in just 30 minutes.

Also on Wednesday, the London Big-O Meetup join us to learn word embeddings from text, as Piotr Mirowski looks at a recent development in statistical language modelling which happened when distributional semantics (the idea of defining words in relation to other words) met neural networks.


The F#unctional Londoners host a dojo/interactive workshop on Thursday evening. Come over, write some code together, and learn yourself some F# for great good! No prior experience required, F# beginners are very welcome – it will be a great opportunity to see F# in action, learn together, and see why F# is awesome.

The Limited WIP Society host a games night, inviting you to play one or two games from Conteneo, Innovation Games® to design a product (conference) and will explore how the technique can be applied to other situation.

Bring along one or two magazines that you do NOT want ideally from non-IT field, in fact the more obscure the better! This is going to be a fun session of innovation with you working in teams and doing a presentation on your design.

And finally on Thursday, WebGL Workshop London meet up to explore how WebGL can be employed to explore exciting mediums of visualising your data.


This Week in Conferences


On Tuesday and Wednesday this week we host the ADSD Unconference alongside Particular Software.

For those unfamiliar with the format, the conference is a participant-driven meeting, comprising of talks and discussion workshops led by you, the attendees. Open format conferences allow for all attendees to lead the direction and themes of the day. Meaning you can have truly useful conversations with others.

Find out more here!

udi-poster-600-300Nicely rounding off the week, we have NSBCon 2014 – All about NServiceBus. With our friends at Particular Software we bring you the first annual NSBCon. This two day, one track conference will welcome world leading experts and software development heroes including – Udi Dahan (NServiceBus, Particular Software), Greg Young (CQRS, Event Store), and James Lewis (ThoughtWorks). Listen to those using NSB in enterprise; both from the point of view of large companies operating complex distributed systems, to those in start-ups and early stage businesses.

Get your ticket now!


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