This Week at Skills Matter: 19 – 23 May

We’ve got a busy week coming up at Skills Matter, with 11 meetups between now and Thursday! We’re delighted to welcome OpenTechSchool back for the second instalment of their introduction to programming using Python. They are followed on Tuesday by Social Developers London who will be presenting a social technology update, looking at social platforms from Facebook to Twitter.

Also keep an eye out for our one In The Brain of the week with Sandra Mancuso who will be looking at testing and refactoring legacy code.

Check out the full list of events below!


OpenTechSchool London return for their second introduction to programming using Python. Join some fantastic experts (including many from the London Python Group) and some enthusiastic beginners for an evening exploring the absolute basics of writing code. If you missed the first part don’t worry! OTS will be on hand to help you catch up – just remember to bring your laptop!

Join Mean Stack for their introduction to Jade and AngularJS, as Jhey Tompkins introduces you to Jade (a templating engine for node) and Tamas Piros offer a basic introduction to AngularJS, describing the basics such as data-binding, expressions and directives.

Go over the edge with the London Java Community as Nitsan Wakart follows on from his March talk to look at Lock Free Queue evolution. Nitsan is a performance engineer at Azul Systems.


London Haskell kick off Tuesday with Feeding Haskell to Ambiants, a hands-on session continuing the ICFP Programming contest 2004 task: Dinner with Ambiants. In this meeting you will be putting the code together so you can start solving the contest problem – don’t worry if you haven’t been before as they will re-cap where they have got to!

It’s a very busy night for the Social Developers London, as they bring together six speakers for their social technology update. Gen Ashley, the group’s organiser, will present the new Social Developers London website and future plans for SDL – followed by five talks ranging from getting started with Facebook Ads to video platform development. Check the website for full details!

Wrapping up Tuesday, the London Android User Group return for their talk, Adding Knobs to your App – Modifying Behavior in the Wild (without Republishing). Join Cheng Luo, a Developer Evangelist for Amazon EU, as he shows how you can use AB testing to fine tune your user experiences, measure user retention and get the best results from your monetisation. Cheng is joined by Jorge Pérez Ruiz who will show how to implement AB testing using Leanplum.


Sandro Mancuso, author of Software Craftsmanship: Professionalism Pragmatism Pride, and co-founder of the London Software Craftsmanship Community, joins us for an In The Brain talk on Testing and Refactoring Legacy Code. He will be taking a piece of messy Java code, test it until is 100% covered and then show how to refactor it in order to bring the business language and requirements to life.

Would you like to take a look at a handful of algorithms that let you search for points, ranges of points and nearest points, all in a higher dimension? This month’s London Big-O Meetup will feature a talk from Big-O regular Jeff Abrahamson and a talk about CRDTs from Noel Welsh.


Early Warning Indicators in F# will be the focus for the F#unctional Londoners on Thursday as Stephen Channell looks at a case study of a live F# application, for real-time early warning indicators of Liquidity Risk.

London Python round off their week after helping out at the OpenTechSchool with a look at Python’s Innards. Yaniv Aknin will present a few of CPython’s main components, focusing on the object model. The talk will be based on Yaniv’s ‘Python’s Innards’ series of blog posts.

Finally on Thursday, the WebGL Workshop join us for Writing Shaders and Effects for Three.js. Carl Bateman, a senior software engineer at CAE, will look at improving your skills on the core element of WebGL following a brief introduction from the Livecodelab team.

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