Friday Round-Up: 7 – 11 April

Here’s what you may have missed at Skills Matter this week!


Kicking off another week at Skills Matter,  Aravind SV and Ken Mugrage delivered a joint In The Brain on the continuous delivery platform from ThoughtWorks. The open source Continuous Delivery software ‘Go’  has not yet been made publicly available, but attendees received a copy of Go’s source code as well as a sneak preview at the utilities needed for setting up a fully functional development environment.

It was a popular evening for the London Open Tech School who were joined by teachers introducing delegates to the basic steps to programming. Python was the language of choice, making drawings to illustrate the principles behind some simple programming concepts. Part 2 to this event will be next Monday!

Dylan Beattie took a closer look at how tools like SASS and Coffeescript can help developers create dynamic stylesheets. The London .NET Community were shown how script files can be based on elegant, expressive source code, including these tools in your ASP.NET web applications.

Chris Alexander brought in a crowd of Java developers for a talk taking an in-depth look at services on the AWS cloud at this weeks London Java Community Meetup. An evening of tips and tricks presented alongside code snippets and live demo’s based around infrastructure and the platform as a service.

The London Ajax User Group ran a talk based around the tools Grunt and Bower. Jonathan Fielding demonstrated how they can be used to optimize work-flow, guiding delegates through the process when working on developing a responsive site.

Chris Dornan joined us for an In The Brain showing delegates how their business applications can become more flexible and adaptable. The talk was based around REST APIs and Haskell, where he spoke from experience about the development project Iris Connect, where Chris currently works.

X-dev London gave an introduction to LLVM and Triggersync, joined by Alex Bradbury and Matias Piipari who ran through LLVM as well as taking a look at how to build an open source sync engine with SQLite3.

This week the WebGL Workshop London focused again on three.js. It is the core element of WebGL, and they took a closer look at shaders, both with and without three.js. An interesting talk led by Carl Bateman, a senior software engineer at CAE and group lead for WebGL.

Front Endgineers showed how Bacon.js can help fight the difficulty of combining asynchronous event streams, speaking about callbacks and local state. Maciej Matyajas stressed that by applying Functional Reactive Programming techniques to your JavaScript will ship robust code with less bugs that will delight users.

Finally, the ever popular Functional Londoners were with us, with a talk by Rob Lyndon. He introduced the Vulpes project which provides deep machine learning with F# on the GPU. Rob is an adept systems developer who ran confidently through the Vulpes project, answering plenty of questions along the way.

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