Friday Round-Up: 31 March – 4 April

CukeUp! 2014, Skills Matter, London

Software Developers London kicked off Monday, when they came along to Skills Matter HQ to discuss the latest in the world of social technology. They were joined by multiple speakers who ran through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google to share where things are headings and what to expect next.

On Tuesday, the Penatho User Group demonstrated how Pentaho can be used in multiple areas, such as Geo-informatic visualisation. Nelson Sousa, Dan Keely and Owen Bowden shared past experiences using Pentaho and how it can be applied in the real world.

The London Clojurians joined us to talk about the benefits of Static Typing. Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant ran through its uses and its benefits which make it perfect when adding it to Clojure.

Austin Bingham and Robert Smallshire brought in a crowd for their talk on Domain-Drive Design with Python. They both explored when and how dynamic language solutions are most appropriate for domain models discussing the trade-offs between flexibility, maintainability and performance. The talks were illustrated with experiences drawn from building industrial domain models in Python in the energy sector to support high performance computing applications.

London Titanium discussed, in detail, Node.ACS & JSON, how to use as well as apply them. Two interesting talks delivered by Ketan Majmudar and Martin Hudson, both true experts, helping delegates iron out any problems they might face and how to overcome them.

CukeUp! 2014

We finished of the week with our second conference of the year – CukeUp! This year, more people than ever before joined us with our amazing partners Cucumber Limited at Skills Matter HQ for two days packed full of talks, presentations and – for the first time – a full day of hands-on sessions led by the best in the world of Cucumber.

If you missed it, fear not! You can catch all the Skillscasts (film/code/slides) here. You can also see the pictures from the two days on our Flickr set.

And finally, a huge thank you to our sponsors – Sopra, Inviqa and Specflow!


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