While It’s Compiling: Skills Matter interviews Konstantin Kudryashov

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konstantin_kudryashovThis week we got the opportunity to catch up with Konstantin Kudryashov, BDD practice manager at Inviqa Ltd (UK). His current job is a process of bringing agile projects to life through bridging communication gaps between business and delivery teams. Konstantin will be speaking at CukeUp! 2014.

1. What topics are you exploring at CukeUp this year?

Mostly collaboration and integration of communities. I think it is time to bring all our different communities (Ruby, java, js, Python, PHP) together around the practice we all believe in – BDD 🙂

2. What attracted you to BDD?

That amazing feeling when you have delivered something valuable for the client, team or users. That feeling when developers discover a better and easier way to do something and save client’s money. Ability to deliver value through software development is what attracts me most.

3. What kind of projects are you currently working on?

All kind of PHP projects. Mostly enterprise and e-commerce projects built using bespoke design or OpenSource frameworks like Magento, Drupal or Symfony. Inviqa (a company I’m working in) specialises in enterprise e-commerce, which means we’re getting into any PHP projects big enough to leverage expertise. And we have a lot with a great success. Feedback from the clients on the fact that we focus all our development efforts entirely on achieving business values is overwhelming. I can safely say I’m working in a dream 🙂

4. If you had one piece of advice to younger programmers, what would it be?

Stop just delivering features, start thinking about why are they important to deliver.

5. What would you like to ask the community?

How do we create a general medium for all languages and communities to share BDD experience and expertise together?

6. What other talk/session at this year’s event are you especially looking forward too?

Most of them, actually. I’m interested in learning how other teams and companies approach challenges we face.

Konstantin will be speaking at CukeUp! 2014. Be sure to book your ticket now!

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