This Week at Skills Matter: 24 – 28 March 2014

Here’s what’s coming up at Skills Matter this week!



For his In The Brain talk, Frank Cohen will be analysing the pressures of using Agile software methods, Ajax technology and Mobile environments. Using his past experiences, Frank will show how Best Buy and PepsiCo cope with changes, from how they select test tools to creating operational test data.

If you face challenges as a UI developer, join Lee Campbell and Matt Barrett who will help you understand how to embrace asynchrony and adopt reactive programming practices – which can aid the quality and speed of your delivery. This presentation will be written in .NET and make heavy use of Reactive Extensions, but will keep a developers of UI platforms as their main focus.

Londroid are returning with a two talks based around the Nokia X platform. Riaz Ahmed and Maciej Matyjas, developer advocates, run thoroughly through the platform which is targeted at developing markets and based upon AOSP with some unique modifications.


Functional Londoners are in for their first appearance of the week to discuss Mbrace, a programming model and cluster infrastructure for effectively defining and executing large-scale computation in the cloud. Basing itself on the .NET framework, it builds upon and extends F# asynchronous workflows, which Eirik Tsarpalis and Jan Dzik will take you though.

Avik Sengupta will be joining the London Julia User group, providing a quick overview of Julia syntax, diving into multiple dispatch, discovering how it provides the ability to create fast and expressive numerical code. Avik, the creator of Julia, will see how multiple dispatch provides a solution to the ‘expression problem.’


Neo4J will be joined by Joe Parry and Alistair Jones, who will deliver a visualisation special! This is a perfect opportunity to brush up on your visualisation skills, running through social, communication and even criminal graphs. As well as live demos, expect an overview of techniques and technologies essential for visualising graph data, and how they apply to different types of problems.

Simon Brown will be helping you to improve your communication as a software developer. This hands-on session will take you through patterns and anti-patterns related to ‘boxes and lines’ diagrams. Also, Simon will provide some lightweight techniques perfect for communication software architecture using simple sketches.

Deep Learning London will be sharing simple Matlab code with Piotr Mirowski, for training sparse code representations of handwritten digits as well as presenting applications to text categorization. A hands-on session reviewing some of the basics of deep learning.


Functional Londoners are back, this time for a type provider Treasure Hunt! Expect to have some fun in this hands-on session, accessing data from online stores like Freebase and WorldBank and calling REST based and WSDL based web services. As a bonus, they will take a quick look at FunScript, which makes it possible to compile to write single-page Javascript apps using F#.

Udi Dahan is back at Skills Matter and will be delivering a special talk on loosely-coupled orchestration with messaging. Make sure you join Udi, the leading expert and the creator of NserivceBus, as he talks you through event-driven architecture and plenty more.

The Limited Wip society will be introducing Toyota Kata, the improvement and coaching kata, and how it affected the way it approaches change and improvement. Perfect if you have ever wondered how to build organisations that set goals and how to achieve them with teams who continually improve, delivering better outcomes.

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