Friday Round-Up: 17 – 21 March

Here’s what you may have missed at Skills Matter this week!


Allan Kelly started the week off with his In The Brain, examining the project model explaining how it does not match software development. A fantastic talk outlining an alternative to the project model and what companies need to do to achieve it, lowering costs and the chance of dead software.

The theme of topological Data Analysis was central to this week’s London Big-O Meetup, with Edward Kibardin answering why it beats dimension reduction. As well as this hot topic, Neri Van Otten explored the variety in structures, B-Trees and R-Trees, comparing the two from complexity to application.

Paul Hallett ran through Python and Twilio, where he demonstrated how using them both can help leverage the telephone network and build SMS and voice applications, all in a matter of minutes.

Scott Alexander-Bown delivered a fantastic talk focusing on encryption, key management, using SSL better and how to make it harder to pirate or repackage your app. Scott didn’t just talk on the issues, he armed delegates with practical solutions and sample code to harden apps to really help with security.

Jenny Martin and Pete Buckney explored real-life examples of BDD techniques and processes from start to finish, delivering an interactive workshop sharing their own past experiences. They also specifically explored approaches to automation, using examples and continuous acceptance to support the right conversations at the right levels.

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