This Week at Skills Matter: 17 – 21 March 2014

Here’s what’s coming up at Skills Matter this week!



Allan Kelly will be joining us for an In The Brain, examining the project model and showing how it does not match software development. A perfect talk if you experience higher costs, dead software or if you feel you are missing out on business opportunities!


The London Big-O User Group will be discussing the variations of the structures, B-trees and R-trees with two talks delivered by Neri Van Otten and Edward Kibardin. Expect a thorough comparison and analysis of these variations discussing complexity, structure and a whole lot more.

Paul Hallett will be joining the London Python User Group for talk based around Python and Twili. Demonstrating how to use the two to leverage the telephone network and build SMS and voice applications, he will run through builds in a matter of minutes!


Scott Alexander-Brown will deliver an In The Brain session covering the best practices for app development in terms of security. In this talk he will be focusing on encryption, key management, using SSL better and making it harder to pirate/repackage your app.


Jenny Martin and Pete Buckney will be exploring real-life examples of BDD techniques and processes, working from start to finish. The duo will be delivering an interactive workshop, where they will be sharing their application of BDD techniques, from ideas to automation. Definitely not one to miss! Jenny and Pete wrote a guest post for us a couple of weeks ago on the importance of using a toolkit and not a rulebook in Agile.

Finally, London Software Craftmanship Community will be joining us with two talks taking a closer look at software design and SOLID principles. Luckasz Szyrmer will deliver a technical talk about evolutionary scaling while Richard Warburton focuses on functional programming and how it helps you implement the SOLID principles.

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