Friday Round-Up: 3 – 7 March

Here’s what you may have missed at Skills Matter this week!

In The Brain of Peter Ledbrook

Peter Ledbrook taught us the importance of the build tool, Gradle, at his In The Brain session. He offered delegates the chance to appreciate the challenges of building software, even if you aren’t persuaded by Gradle itself. Be sure to check out the Skillscast!

The London Scala User Group were joined by Alex Dean, the co-founder and technical lead at Snowplow Analytics. He gave delegates the opportunity to gain a little insight into Snowplow, an open source event analytic platform, and his teams experiences. Also, Norbert Radyk gave a short lightning talk on the overview of the issues functional programmers face when using the Apache POI library.

Chris Gedrim, a PHP developer at First Utility took a look at how First Utility implemented Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, enabling them to produce applications that build in a matter of minutes. London Titanium were also joined by Louis Quaintance, with over 7 years experience as a software engineer, took a look at how to quickly write and run unit tests utilising the power of Node.js.

London Java had two events this week, the first was delivered by Jakub Korab, the author of the new book, Apache Camel Developer’s Cookbook. He took a look at the impacts of common integration failures, introducing Apache Camel tools. He discussed a set of Enterprise Integrations Patterns enabling you to work around these to ensure consistency across the impacted systems.

London Java’s second talk took a closer look at the optimisation process focusing on the humble Single-Producer-Single-Consumer queue. Nitsan Wakart started with stock JDK queues and on his journey covered lock free concurrency right though to CPU cache coherency.

Itamar Syn-Hershko gave an interesting talk on the design and development of applications that provide-lingual text search, teaching delegates how to use ElasticSearch and Lucene. He shared his insights which offered delegates a great opportunity to ask and learn from a true core developer.

Women in Data joined us for a hackathon which was based around AnnoMarket, the new cloud-based marketplace for text analytics services. They delved into the platform from an introductory perspective allowing participants to do some text processing themselves, discussing what they achieved and the results that they were left with.

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