Friday Round-Up: 24 – 28th February

It’s been another very busy week here at Skills Matter with packed events every evening, ranging from hands-on sessions to talks delivered by multiple experts. This is a fantastic opportunity to catch up on what you might have missed:


Remember the last time Adobe asked you to update the PDF reader, Microsoft insisted on downloading half of the internet or even a developer library packaging system insisting on pulling the latest version of some useless crap just to compile? Now multiply that feeling by a 1000. Continuous delivery only makes sense if the people on the other end want it delivered. The London .Net User Group joined us on Monday with speaker Gojko Adzic who gave talk on Continuous Delivery to answer these questions, and how to make this pain go away and still ship frequently.

The second part to the Open Tech School’s Introduction to making a website was a massive success, with delegates leaving with a more solid understanding of HTML and CSS, culminating with the completion of their very own individual portfolio websites, and a definite sense of accomplishment!

The Riak User Group hosted their first Meetup with a discussion based around how Riak was deployed within the company Rovio Entertainment. Ari Talja, Technical Director of Rovio delivered a talk with first-hand experience using Riak on AWS at a huge scale.

Richard Clark delivered an In The Brain around iOS7 applications and how to work with real-time data, introducing the new multitasking APIs in iOS. An interesting talk where he taught the skills needed to work with push notifications and background updates.

Neo4J filled the evening with two talks, both with a transport theme. Ben Earlham, Ian Cartwright and Jacqui Read took a look at graphs in a different light, taking a look at feature graphs of the Manchester tram system and UK road network.

It was a hugely popular evening for the Selenium User Group as they demonstrated how to customize your own Selenium-Based testing framework. Three talks by three fantastic speakers which you can find on our website.

Tomas Petricek joined the Functional Londoners again with a hands-on session on the new open-source library, Deedle, demonstrating its effectiveness with Data & Time Series Analysis and how it supports a wide range of operations.

The Continuous Delivery User Group were in to discuss how to break the mould of tightly-coupled software architectures and risk management theatre. Steve Smith explained how Software Architecture is often an impediment to Continuous Delivery, outlining some design patterns that will help.

Finally, the London Java Community was joined by Richard Warburton for an evening of personal experience and live coding. Richard looked at how Functional programming helps you implement the SOLID principles.

Next week in brief:

Monday: In The Brain of Peter Ledbrook

Tuesday: London Scala User Group, London Titanium

Wednesday: In the Brain of Itamar Syn-Hershko, London Java Community

Thursday: In the Brain of Chris DornanWomen in DataLondon Java Community

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