This Week at Skills Matter: 24 – 28th February 2014

Here’s what’s coming up at Skills Matter this week!


The London.Net User Group join us once again to kick the week off with a talk on Continuous Delivery. Gojko Adzic who will be offering insight into the world of CD, when it goes bad, what to do to make the pain go away and how to still ship frequently.

Open Tech School are back for their second part on how to build a website using HTML & CSS. Starting with the basics, delegates will use the skills they learned in part one to finish putting together their own personal portfolio website.


The Riak User Group will be discussing real life scenarios at this month’s meetup. Join Ari Talja, Technical Director of Rovio, for first hand experiences on the problems Rovio faced when deploying Riak at a huge scale. Ari is Technical Director at Rovio Entertainment, who are most commonly known as the makers of the extremely popular mobile game, Angry Birds.

Join Richard Clark for an expert introduction to the new multitasking APIs in iOS, teaching you the skills necessary to work with push notifications and background updates. A perfect opportunity to learn and share skills on iOS7 with a true expert.


If you are interested in taking a look at graphs in a different light then join Ben Earlham, Ian Cartwright and Jacqui Read for this month’s Neo4J Meetup. With a theme of transport featuring graphs of the Manchester tram system and UK road network, this is a great way to gain more insight into graphs.

London Selenium will be delivering three talks based around customising your own Selenium-Based testing framework. All three speakers will be offering their own experiences, and at the end, the stage will be open for you to share your ideas.


The London Java Community will be taking a tour through the new Java 8 API’s, as well as showing you how Functional Programming can help you implement the SOLID principles. Two interesting talks which should not be missed!

The F#unctional Londoner are back in town with a hands-on session delivered by Tomas Petricek on Deedle. After his previous talk on the new open-source library, he will now be showing you how it supports a wide range of operations.

And finally, London Continuous Delivery will be here to discuss how you can break the mould of tightly-coupled software architectures and risk management theatre. This weeks talk will be delivered by Steve Smith who will outline some design patterns that will make software architecture less of an impediment to Continuous Delivery. Steve is currently a senior agile developer and technical team lead at Sky Network Services.

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