Friday Round-Up: 3rd – 7th February

Say goodbye to those January blues as we start February off with a week filled with even more User Groups and In The Brains for you guys to enjoy and catch up on. Also, we can’t believe it but it seems as though time is flying by, as our new site has now been live for over a week – so remember to check it out at – sign up and leave your feedback!

This week in Skillscasts:


Even with a Tube strike, we were busier than ever:

Starting the week, The Phonegap User Group and arrived armed with two fantastic talks by Tom Cartwright and Yacine Resgui for their first ever meetup. Look back at the Skillscasts and catch up on an introduction to the Iconic Framework and the exploration of mobile apps around Phonegap, Angular.js and Ember.js.

The Clojurians were back in town with another two talks delivered by Tom O’Brien and David Snowdon. Tom presented the basic idea of Markov Chains and how they can be used to generate humorous (and sometimes deeply insightful) comments. While David briefly described Communicating Sequential Processes before giving an overview of core.async itself. Exciting stuff!

Haskell got hands-on with Idris an experimental functional programming language with full spectrum dependent types. Taking baby steps, the aim was to get it up and running and work through some simple examples and share what was working.

Gerald Loeffler joined The London Scala User Group who gave an outstanding explanation and critical comparison of the defining architectural principles and coding styles in Akka Actors and Java EE 7 Enterprise Java Beans. Definitely something you should catch up on if you didn’t manage to make it.

London Infracoders brought in the crowd this week offering a little automation fun. Nathen Harvey introduced tooling that can be used to test cookbooks and simplify workflow. Aims: be more efficient and be even more awesome. Simple.

To end the week, The Titanium User Group took a look at how to architect a data-driven mobile app, some strategies for server synchronization and a deep dive into working with datasets in Javascript. Pratik Patel, a seasoned Titanium developer and speaker was something that should not have been missed, so make sure you check out the Skillscast.

Next week at Skills Matter:

Monday: London Ruby User Group, In The Brain of Jimmy Bogard

Tuesday: Limited WIP Society

Wednesday: London Android User Group

Thursday: F#unctional Londoners Meetup Group

Find a list of all our meetups on the Skills Matter website!

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