This Week at Skills Matter: 3rd-7th February 2014

Here’s what’s coming up at Skills Matter this week!


Skills Matter welcome the London PhoneGap User Group for their first meetup! With two talks from Yacine Regui and Chris Shepherd both talking from many years of experience, this is definitely something that should not be missed. Topics include an introduction to the Ionic Framework and how to bulid multi-platform apps from a single source, make sure you don’t miss out!


The Clojurians are back with an exciting talk on replacing Callbacks with Core.Async by Dave Snowdon as well as talk on Markov Chains by Tom O’Brien. London Clojure User Group – always busy with attendees, so make sure you aren’t left behind and register for this event on our website.

Haskell will be hands-on this week with a topic of Idris, an experimental functional programming language with full spectrum dependent types. Make sure you are around to work through some simple examples and share ideas with fellow delegates!


Gerald Loeffler will be joining the London Scala User Group with a talk on High-Level Concurrency: Akka Actors and Jaca EE 7 EJBs. A great topic to start the year off for the group, always busy and a perfect opportunity to meet like-minded people to share ideas with. Make sure you register on our website.

London Infracoders will be introducing tooling that can be used to test cookbooks and simplify work flow. There will also be more time at the end to share ideas on efficiency and how to be even more awesome. Get on the website and sign up now!


Titanium User Group will be ending the week with a data workshop delivered by Pratik Patel a US based Titanium Developer. This session will cover a wide range of hot topics from deciding to use SQL or a NoSQL solution to a deep dive into working with datasets in Javascript. Don’t forget to sign up here!

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