Friday Round-Up: 27th – 31st January

As most of you are probably already aware, this week saw the launch of our brand-spanking new website. Many thanks to everyone who has signed up and given feedback. If you haven’t done so already, why not head over to and sign up now? With the feedback we have already received, we are now well on the way to creating something pretty special! Let us know if there’s anything we can improve on by using the ‘send feedback’ button at the bottom of every page.

This week in Skillscasts:

Alongside the new site business still carried on as usual as we played host to three fantastic User Groups:

The Neo4J User Group at Skills Matter

Starting the week, The Neo4j User Group heard from two industry experts Michal Bachman, a Principal Consultant at GraphAware and Ian Robinson, an Engineer at Neo Technology, which really brought in the crowd. Ian kicked off the evening presenting delegates with the best practices for modelling certain aspects of domains and how to apply these to concrete modelling problems. Michal also provided his own experiences along with hardware sizing and performance tuning tips to help you get started.

The Pentaho User Group

The Pentaho User Group joined us on Thursday with three talks lined up from Mark Melton, Tom Barber and Calum Miller. With a theme of MongoDB, each speaker prepared a demo. Mark started with his TFL live data, Tom’s on Saiki/Mondrian/Optiq/MongoDB analytics solution and Calum ended with his explanation of Sheetloom. With beers on ice and great bunch of delegates the event was a definite hit.

The F#unctional Londoners meet at Skills Matter

The F#unctional Londoner guys were back in, this time with Anthony Brown, an electronic engineering student and independent game developer who publishes under the name Blue Yolk Studios. Though he was aware that F# is a brilliant language for the likes of machine learning and finance, he knows that it is capable of much more. Demonstrating some awesome features of F# he showed us how they can be teamed up with Monogame to create games for multiple platforms ranging from iOS to Windows Store. Always a popular group with another fantastic turnout.

Next week at Skills Matter:

Monday: London Phonegap & Javascript User Group

Tuesday: London Clojure Community February Meetup, London Haskell

Wednesday: London Scala Users Group, Infracoders London

Thursday: London Titanium

Find a list of all our meetups on the Skills Matter website!


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