Welcome to the brand new Skills Matter website!


We’re very excited to announce the launch of the new skillsmatter.com. Since our beginnings in 2003, Skills Matter has always been committed to building and supporting a passionate community of developers and industry-leading experts in the ever evolving world of bleeding edge technologies and practices. Now, with the launch of our new site, we aim to help our worldwide community continue expanding like never before!

We have been working with some of our closest friends and partners to deliver the first installment of what we are certain will eventually become a go-to resource for developers across the globe. This new site is just a first step towards perfecting this resource, ready for your input, ideas and feedback!

Click here to become a member – it’s free and only takes a minute. Once you have joined  you will be able to choose your own ‘handle’ on the site, sign up for and attend our events and see all the events you have signed up for in your personal ‘My Events’ list.

We have been listening to our community and working on overhauling our old website – with the improved tag & search based navigation, we hope we have made it easier to find your local meetups and groups, to find out about our ‘In The Brain’ talks, information on a great range of developer conferences and a fresh system to sign up to our expert-led courses.

We hope you will also find it much easier to discover SkillsCast recordings of talks that interest you. Our collection of thousands of Skillscast recordings of a decade of expert talks and inspirational meetups should be easier to browse and enjoy. Our Skillscasts bring you not only the film, but just as importantly, the code and slides.

With today’s launch we invite you, as a member of our community, to come and take part in this fantastic new adventure with us!

Head over to the new site now to sign up for your free account.

You can find a FEEDBACK button in the bottom right corner of the site – please feed us with your  feature requests and report any bugs along the way.

Once you’ve logged in you’re good to go. So have a browse around the site and let us know what you think!


And a quick note from Wendy Devolder – CEO of Skills Matter

A big thank you goes out to Annabella Macris for all her hard work in designing the look and feel of the new website
It has been absolutely WONDERFUL working with the AWESOME @pivotallabs Brilliant team and process! #newwebsitelaunch http://t.co/gm7Y90BFBg
MASSIVE TX to @seadowg @jetaggart @defsprite @alanhrdy, Nick & Paul for making our dream come true! http://t.co/gm7Y90BFBg #launchofnewsite
Thank you @wearehanno for helping us create the look & feel we wanted for the new http://t.co/gm7Y90BFBg ! #awesomesauce

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