This Week at Skills Matter: 13th-17th January 2014

Last week we welcomed the London Java Community for our first two events of 2014! On Wednesday, Madhusudhan Konda explored what’s new in Java8 and Joshua Wöhle provided insight in how (quickly) a tech stack evolves in a start-up.

Gleb Smirnov talks at the London Java Community meetup, London

On Thursday the LJC returned with a talk from Gleb Smirnov on Mutation Analysis, in which he covered the available Java tools to do it, and shared a number of success stories.

This week we have five events, including a brand new user group! Don’t forget, these events are free but we do ask that you register before attending to avoid disappointment as spaces are limited. You can also check out our website for more upcoming meetups and user groups, or follow us on Twitter for updates. We look forward to seeing you all again in 2014!


The week begins with the London Ruby Users Group who come to Skills Matter for their first meet-up of 2014. At this months meetup Javier Ramirez talks about dealing with big data in PI Analytics with Redis and Bigquery. Javier will be followed by Julien Letessier, wo will be speaking about using data tiering to squeeze scale out of SQL.

Register for your place now!


The London Java Community will be discussing Android and The Web of Things on Tuesday. Asking questions like ‘what if every day objects could all become part of a gigantic network also known as the Internet of Things?’ And ‘what if your watch, guitar, bike or bottle of organic iced-tea could all have an active digital identity on the Web? By combining technologies such as NFC, QR-codes, Bluetooth low energy and Android smart phones, this becomes an ideal framework to implement the Web of Things…

For more information and to register your place, click here.

Also on Tuesday, the London Ajax Meetup will be joined by Jamie McCrindle & Santi Albowe for a walkthrough of how they’re putting thei AngularJS apps together using TypeScript, Yeoman, Restangular, a RESTful API, S3 and a CDN.

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Julia programming language logoOn Wednesday we’re very excited to welcome the first meeting of the London Julia Users Group. As a relatively new programming language of interest in the emerging field of Data Science, Julia has many features to commend it over existing approaches, not the its speed of execution.

The discussion will look at using Julia on all platforms: Linux, OSX and Windows; getting up and running, the Julia package system and JuliaStudio IDE, plus any teething problems, trials and tribulations.

Register you place for this meetup now!


Finally, on Thursday, we welcome the F#unctional Londoners for their first meet-up of 2014. At this months session Ross McKinlay will present ‘SQL Type Provider Deep Dive’. Ross has over 20 years programming experience in a wide variety of different languages and technologies, ranging from games and financial markets to fraud prevention and investigation. He has more recently been working on F# type providers. He loves squirrels, physics, electronics, robotics, functional programming, programming languages in general and squirrels.

Book your place for the F#unctional Londonders meetup now!

What did you get up to in 2013? And what are you looking forward to in the world of Open Source in 2014? Let us know in the comments below!

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