This Week at Skills Matter: 18th – 22nd of November

Here’s what’s coming up st Skills Matter this week!



The King of code will be in the house – In the Brain of Uncle Bob (Robert .C. Martin). Uncle Bob will be taking a look at Design Patterns; a hot topic in 1995 but why do people hardly talk about them now? What happened? And what are these mysterious pattern-like entities anyway?

The Backbone.js London User Group will also be at Skills Matter HQ for their November meet-up with a talk from Damjan Vujnovic on ‘Unit testing in JavaScript’. This will be a hands-on workshop, which will be an introductory level talk and we strongly suggest you bring a laptop to participate in the workshop.


London Haskell has a hands on session looking at solving Haskell Puzzles. They will be starting to code a solution to the ICFP Programming Contest 2004 task: “Dinner with Ambiants”. The aim of this session is to generally improve everybody’s Haskell skills by solving small puzzles, sharing their solutions and seeing how others solve the same puzzles. You will definitely need to bring along your laptop!


pacman-ghost-sqWednesday welcomes the F#unctional Londoners for their November meet-up. ‘Pacman Kata’ will be a hands on session allowing you to create your own AI for the ghosts inside a fully animated implementation of Pacman. There will be sample implementations for Windows Desktop, Android, iOS and Web with FunScript. Once again don’t forget your laptop!

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