This Week at Skills Matter: 11th November – 15th November

Here’s what’s coming up at Skills Matter this week!


The London Ruby User Group November meet-up wilandrewnesbittl have two talks, the first from Andrew Nesbitt on ‘Controlling Robots with Ruby’ where he will look at one particular Ruby library – Artoo. The second is by Tom Cartwright on ‘How to Parse ’Go’.

We also have The London Big-O November meet-up. Two talks will take place in this session, one by John Graham-Cumming on ‘Rolling Hashes and Compression Algorithms’, John will talk about some of the uses of rolling hashes for string comparison and compression focussing on the rsync protocol, a spam filter, and a delta compression technique. The second will be from Jose Llarena on ‘Mixture of Markoc Chains’. Jose will describe the representation of Mixture of Markov Chains as a graphical model and much more.


The London Ajax User Group will be in Tuesday for their November meet-up. Why not come and catch up on all the latest LAUG news?

Vaughn Vernon will be talking at our first In The Brain session of the week, this talk ‘Reactive DDD with Scala and Akka’ is not to be missed. Vaughn will be exploring the vaughn_vernonuse of the Actor Model with DDD. He will explain how the basic ideas of the Actor Model and DDD can greatly simplify our ability to comprehend and use concurrency and distribution.

The second In The Brain session will be held by Jon Jagger with a talk on ‘Rethinking Kanban’. Another fabulous talk not to be missed, Jon is a renowned software coach/consultant/mentor/trainer/programmer and all round Agile expert. There is much to learn from him!


Wednesday welcomes the London Scala User Group. They will be treated to a talk from Patrick Wendell who will introduce Apache Spark – ‘Spark, Scala, and the Berkeley Data Analytics Stack.’

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