This Week at Skills Matter: 4th November – 8th November

Here’s what’s coming up at Skills Matter this week!


Infracoders London will be joining us at Skills Matter HQ for their November meet-up with a talk on ‘A Journey of Windows Infrastructure Automation At’ – a brief history, where it started, what’s happening now and where it’s heading using Chef, VMWare, power-shell plus a few other tools.

Also on Monday Richard Warburton and Martijn Verburg will be giving a talk on ‘Bleeding Edge’ at the London Java Community November meet-up. Talking about what happens to your technology stack if you’re willing to take a risk?


On Tuesday Skills Matter will be hosting the London Clojurians November meet-up where they will have three lightening talks from Henry Garner, Kris Jenkins and Jamie Brandon.

We will also host Oren Eini, aka Ayende Rahien, for an In The Brain talk about ‘The DB Disassembly Kit’, going into the details that actually make up the different components in a database, how they are put together and much more!
Finally we will host the London .Net User Group Meet-up where they will have a talk from Gael Fraiteur on ‘Multithreading Design Patterns’. Some things Gael will talk about include: characteristics of a threading model, enforcement and automation of threading model and why do we need threading models?


 The London Pyramid Group will have their November meet-up with talks from Jon Staley on ‘King Forms’ – a quick intro to Deforem & Colander and how he wrangled them to do what he wanted, and Riley Doyle on ‘From the Script to Web’ – covering key lessons learned in building an advanced ‘DNA search engine’ with Pyramid.

We will also have another In The Brain session with Susanne Madsen who will be talking about ‘Project Leadership: Are we too busy with the urgent to focus on the important?’. Susanne has years of experience running high-profile IT projects and is a qualified corporate and executive coach – this talk is not to be missed!


London Lua will have a talk on ‘Lua & Corona SDK – Cross platform mobile game development’ for their November meet-up.

The final In the Brain of the week will be with Ian Plosker who will be talking about ‘The Triumph of Simplicity: how database complexity will be replaced by simple services’. Ian will be discussing why the level of complexity in storing and querying data has exploded and discuss how database software eventually will be overrun by simple services.

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