This Week at Skills Matter: 21st – 25th of October

Here’s what’s coming up at Skills Matter this week!


Groovy and Grails user group are here for their October meet-up with a talk from Marcin Erdmann on ‘Advanced Geb’. The talk is targeted at users with some prior knowledge of Geb as the latest changes and additions to the library working with windows and frames, drag and drop, SauceLabs support, page content control shortcuts, etc.) and some advanced techniques (custom Navigator implementations) will be covered.

Martine Devos will be discussing your Agile, Scrum and Kanban problems in this months Agile Clinic.


We have an In The Brain session from Raoul-Gabriel Urma who will be holding a talk on ‘Java oddities’ which is going to be fun and informative! Just some of the topics include: Array declarations & initializers, Generics: <F,U,N>, Wildcards: <?> and Dangerous overloading for default values.

Another In The Brain will be with Mark Murphy with a talk on ‘Mastering the Master-Detail Pattern’. Mark will be reviewing the ways that you can make the most of master-detail with the least amount of headaches. You should have basic knowledge of Android application development.

Also on Tuesday we have the London Python Group October meet-up with a talk on ‘TDD Fro Everyone’ by Andrea Crotti. In this talk Andrea will explain to you why TDD is great, how to do it in Python and what are the possible tools that can help us, with a lot of hands on examples and live coding!


The F#unctional Londoners will be meeting for a session which will introduce the CloudSharper IDE that lets you create, edit and run F# applications in the cloud via your browser.

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