Friday Round-Up: 14th – 18th of October

With our London Tester Gathering Workshops and the 8 fantastic free events we played host to at Skills Matter HQ this week it has been busy to say the least. Our free events included two In The Brain sessions with Martin Thompson and Andy Singleton, six community meet-ups – London Ruby user group, London AJAX user group, London Haskell, London Java, F#unctional Londoners and Pentaho London user group. Phew! Now if that’s not a full-packed week then we don’t know what is!

This Week In SkillsCasts
The London Ruby User Group at Skills Matter

In LRUG’s October meet-up they welcomed Drew Neil with a talk on Modelling State Machines with Ragel and Olly Legg with a talk Enumerators in Ruby. Knowing that Enumerators are a little known class in the standard library Olly discussed where they’re used in stdib, how you can implement them and practical examples of where they might be the right solution.

Martin Thompson joined us for an In The Brain talk on Mechanical Sympathy. In this session Martin explored questions such as: for software development, have we reached the point of over specialisation whereby developers no longer understand the fundamentals of how a computer works? Are we more influenced by fashion than science these days? Is fashion just a poor proxy for stylish design that can co-exist with science?

London Haskell had a hands on session of coding against a list of Haskell puzzles, therefore was not recorded.

The London AJAX user group had a Dojo package update from Dylan Schiemann and also a talk from Kitson Kelly on Dijit already did that: Exploring web components.

Andy Singleton’s In The Brain talk on ‘Release More Frequently – a Practical Move to Continuous’ was an energetic and enlightening presentation which covered topics such as technical tactics, product management, roles and improvement plan. This SkillsCast is not to be missed.

The F#unctional Londoners played host to a talk from Andrew Phillips who presented ongoing work to develop computer software for programming cells at three levels: molecular circuits, generic devices and cell colonies.

The London Java Community October meet-up included a talk from Tim Berglund where he spoke about ‘Discrete Math You Need to Know’ and also ‘First Kill All the Product Owners’

London Tester Gathering Workshops

The LTG Workshops held this week had a great response from all those that attended! Over the two days we had workshops from:

As you can see it was an awesome line-up. To make sure you don’t miss out next year, book your place now for London Tester Gathering Workshops 2014!

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