Vaughn Vernon’s Implementing Domain Driven Design Workshop


This week we’re highlighting a new member of our expert team here at Skills Matter, Vaughn Vernon. With over 25 years of experience, Vaughn is a true veteran in the computer industry having extensive involvement in the design, development and architecture of software. Starting his career in the early 1980′s, he worked with object oriented languages and began experiencing the ups and downs of the software industry and witnessing the many challenges it presented.

Since his Smalltalk domain modelling days in the early 1990′s, Vaughn has shifted his focus to Domain Driven Design in order to manage these challenges. Through this framework, he has participated in and helped other developers through industries such as aerospace, e-commerce, environmental, geospatial, insurance, medical, SaaS, and telecommunications. It’s this range of experience that allowed Vaughn to recognise the common difficulties that affected these very different industries.

His highly regarded book on the subject, ‘Implementing Domain-Driven-Design’ has received shining reviews from experts in the field. NServicebus designer Udi Dahan says it’s “a must-read for anybody looking to put DDD into practice” while Randy Stafford of Architect At-Large describes it as “an important contribution to the literature of the DDD community, but also to the literature of the broader enterprise application architecture field”.

Vaughn’s goal with the book was to remove the intimidation factor of implementing DDD into projects for less mature developers. This book compiles much of his experience and understanding, creating a wonderful reference book for further study regardless of skills level.

In order to share his experience in real world application of DDD, Vaughn developed his three day Implementing Domain-Driven-Design workshop. This workshop allows mid to senior lever developers to learn the processes that will allow the creation of more flexible and scalable software which is also tightly aligned to business goals. The course is not the standard 50/50 lab to lecture experience either. Vaughn’s personal goals are to create a bespoke experience for the participants of the course by heavily emphasising student interaction with Q&A sessions.

Having studied the different methods people implement to gain and retain knowledge, Vaughn’s course implements team activities, games, multiple mediums and visual aids so the information can better reach each participant. The course provides an environment where Vaughn’s experience and the participants unique circumstances can be discussed and developed with expert feedback and advice.

Recently held at Skills Matter’s New York Week with great reviews, Vaughn’s Inaugural London course begins next month. If you’re a mid to senior level developer who is interested in a bespoke learning experience with an industry expert and are looking to simplify and realign your projects to better pair with business goals, this course is for you. Starting November 11th, Vaughn will run a three day course here with Skills Matter at our Fleet Street location as well as participating in a special In the Brain event focusing on Reactive DDD with Scala and Akka.

You can get more information on Vaughn Vernon’s Implementing Domain Driven Design course, as well as sign-up here.

FREE EVENT: In The Brain of Vaughn Vernon – Reactive DDD with Scala and Akka

As well as hosting Vaughn for his course, Skills Matter will also be hosting an In The Brain talk on 12 November. Vaughn will explore the use of the Actor Model with DDD. He will explain the Actor Model as an architectural style and how the basic ideas of the Actor Model and DDD can greatly simplify our ability to comprehend and use concurrency and distribution.

This event is free, though spaces are limited, so please register here.

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