This Week at Skills Matter: 14th – 19th October

Here’s what’s coming up at Skills Matter this week!


The London Ruby User Group meet-up host talks from Drew Neil and Olly legg. Drew will be speaking about Modelling State Machines with Ragel from 06.30pm until 07.15pm then Olly will take the stage with a talk on Enumerators in Ruby until 08.00pm.


DSCF8413Martin Thompson joins us for an In The Brain talk on Mechanical Sympathy. In this session Martin will be exploring questions such as for software development, have we reached the point of over specialisation whereby developers no longer understand the fundamentals of how a computer works? Are we more influenced by fashion than science these days? Is fashion just a poor proxy for stylish design that can co-exist with science? He will also explore how we can strike a balance between elegant design and the application of science in the development of great modern software.

Also on Tuesday we also have London Haskell at Skills Matter for a hands on session of Coding against a list of Haskell Puzzles. The aim of their session is for everybody to improve their Haskell skills, by solving small puzzles, sharing their solutions and seeing how others solve the same puzzles. Why not come along and put your skills to the test?


Come and join The London Ajax User Group October meet-up to profit from the experience of other LAUG members. Dylan Schiemann will also be giving Dojo package updates.

Pentaho London User Group October meet-up will play host to talks from Dan Keely, Harris Ward and Alisrair Henderson. Dan will be presenting an overview of the Pentaho European community meet-up for those who were not able to attend the event in Lisbon (Check out Dan’s guest blog post on the subject here). Also Harris who is from Ambient BI will be presenting the magic that can be achieved with Ctools Dashboards. Finally Alistar will take the stage to talk about his experience using Pentaho in the cloud.

andysingletonAndy Singleton also joins us for an In The Brain talk on ‘Release More Frequently – a Practical Move to Continuous’. This presentation will cover topics such as technical tactics, product management, roles and improvement plan. Not one to miss!


The London Java Community October meet-up includes a talk from Tim Berglund he will be talking about ‘Discrete Math You Need to Know’ and also ‘First Kill All the Product Owners’

The F#unctional Londoners will play host to a talk from Andrew Phillips who will be presenting ongoing work to develop computer software for programming cells at three levels: molecular circuits, generic devices and cell colonies.

As always, these evening events are free to attend. Simply visit the meeting page to register!

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