This Week at Skills Matter: 7th – 11th October

Here’s what’s coming up at Skills Matter this week!


Rob Harrop will be giving a talk titled ‘Model like you mean it’ where he will
robharropdemonstrate how to apply decades-old techniques from formal methods as the ideal tools for agile modelling. Using the STOMP messaging system as a use case, Rob will present a mathematical state model using the Z modelling language and a concurrency model using CSP. 


On Tuesday Peter Ledbrook will be giving an insightful talk on ‘Open Source and You’. Open Source has been around for a long time, with perhaps it’s first formal appearance in the guise of the GNU project in 1983. 30 years later, do we yet understand how open source works? How is it funded? Is it a sustainable model? And how should we as developers approach open source?peter-ledbrook-x-large

These are important questions to answer if we are to gain the benefits of open source and avoid disappointment. With Peter Ledbrook you will learn that open source software cannot be treated as simply having no financial cost and that investment reaps rewards. Peter will also discuss how to get communities more active and engaged.


Our final In The Brain of the week will be from Robert Annett talking about ‘Modern Legacy Systems’.Legacy System” conjures up images of a vast mainframe (with whirring tapes and flashing diodes) running COBOL programs in a basement. However, many current computing stacks are quite old andRobert Annett have many legacy implementations. Although Java/JVM is still at the cutting edge of innovation it’s a language and ecosystem that’s been around since 1995 (18 years) and C#/.NET is not much younger at 13 years old.
There are many Java and .NET based systems that haven’t been touched in over a decade, Robert will explore some of the issues of upgrading, maintaining or replacing them and provides some pointers on solving common problems.

As always, these evening events are free to attend. Simply visit the meeting page to register!

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Only 2 days left to grab your ticket for Haskell eXchange 2013!

Haskell exchange
The second edition of the Haskell eXchange returns to Skills Matter HQ on October 9th. This dedicated Haskell conference will pull together enthusiasts, developers, and thought leaders across the Haskell ecosystem. To keynote the conference we’re excited to announce that we’ve got Simon Peyton Jones! Alongside Simon we’ve secured talks from Simon Marlow, Neil Mitchell, and Andres Loh.

The day will be scattered with opportunities to meet others in the community, discuss new tools and hacks, and listen to the core committers of this Functional language. The Haskell eXchange will also feature a park bench discussion, allowing you to get a slew of opinions to your questions in person. Don’t miss out and book your tickets right here!

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