This week at Skills Matter: 30th September – 4th October 2013

Here’s what’s coming up at Skills Matter this week!


The London Clojure Community meet-up host James Adams and Malcolm Sparks for a talk about a production multi-user Poker application written using Clojure and Datomic. Learn how they used Clojure’s concurrency features to reliably handle a large number of concurrent players and how they tackled communication between the browser and server, and much more. The talk will include a demo of the actual application and will offer a rare opportunity to gain insights into how to use, integrate and deploy Datomic in production.

In The Brain of Nicolas Favre-FelixNicolas Favre-Felix joins us for an In The Brain talk on NoSQL & Big Data Analytics, looking at the relative strengths of normalized and denormalized approaches, and look at how Twitter and Facebook have built custom denormalized systems over NoSQL to support real-time analytics.


On Wednesday, the London Big-O meet-up return for their second ever meetup with two talks from Jurgen van Gaal and Okash Khawaja. Jurgen will be speaking about Numerical Optimisation, giving an overview of multivariate numerical optimization, covering line search, gradient descent, Newton methods and quasi-Newton methods. Okash’s talk will explore Implementing Lock-Less Look Up Tables in a Negamax Search.

In The Brain of Giovanni AsproniOur second In The Brain talk of the week will be from Giovanni Asproni who will be Talking Tests. Coinciding with his eagerly awaited course on TDD for Investment Bankers, this semi-serious talk will explore some serious (and common) mistakes programmers make when writing tests, with examples from real code-bases, and hints on how to avoid them.


And last, but certainly not least, the London Scrum Community meet-up join us to discuss adapting scrum methods for non-technical teams, in their meeting Implementing Agile with Non-Technical Teams. Speakers James Burnett and Caspar Below have taken the process they were using with their in-house development team to reinvigorate the business process of a digital change project, to be developed off-site using waterfall. They are going to show how the adapted scrum process kept things moving and improved transparency of the workload, of commitment, of agreements, of required consultation and work done, even before the development process began.

As always, these evening events are free to attend. Simply visit the meeting page to register!

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You only have 9 days left to book your ticket for the Haskell eXchange 2013!

The Haskell eXchange 2013

The second edition of the Haskell eXchange returns to Skills Matter HQ on October 9th. This dedicated Haskell conference will pull together enthusiasts, developers, and thought leaders across the Haskell ecosystem. To keynote the conference we’re excited to announce that we’ve got Simon Peyton Jones! Alongside Simon we’ve secured talks from Simon Marlow, Neil Mitchell, and Andres Loh.

The day will be scattered with opportunities to meet others in the community, discuss new tools and hacks, and listen to the core committers of this Functional language. The Haskell eXchange will also feature a park bench discussion, allowing you to get a slew of opinions to your questions in person. Don’t miss out and book your tickets right here!

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