Friday Round Up: 23rd – 27th September 2013

Learning and sharing has been at its best this week at Skills Matter, we’ve had an awesome week of user group meet-ups filling the building. On Tuesday we were not only graced with the Utangle The Web user group and the London Java Community but also Couchbase London, Phew!

This buzz continued when we opened our doors Wednesday night to Neo4J and the London Android user groups. With fantastic turn outs and responses to the talks, it was already looking to be a great week with Thursday still to roll ’round.

Said Thursday meant the arrival of the Limited WIP Society, London Scrum user group and of course F#unctional Londoners for their September meet-ups.

Jonny Miller at the London Java Community Meetup

This week’s Skillscast round ups:

Untangle The Web included a talk from Sam Mason on Grunt -giving a general introduction on the Java script task runner, that in layman’s terms is a piece of software that will automate something over and over again. Followed by Tom Alterman sharing his thoughts on the importance of user testing, even on the cheap. Finally Paul Davis took to the floor sharing his thoughts and personal experiences when creating apps.

The London Java Community had a fantastic talk from Johnny Miller – giving an introductory talk on Cassandra and DataStax CQL Java Driver. Including some live coding Jonny had the listeners hooked with his high-level overview.

Couchbase London discussed the benefits and challenges of document databases. They demonstrated how to design and query documents via the Couchbase indexing and Querying feature while using views.

The Neo4J User Group had a talk from Alessandro Negro concentrating on using Neo4J and Reco4J for graph-based recommendations then discussing and exploring the framework together.

The London Android User group saw a fabulous talk from Jeff Gilfelt who looked at the Android Camera API’s and the new CWAC-Camera project keeping listeners hooked throughout.

F#unctional Londoners welcomed Ben Taylor for a talk on Enticify – Ben spoke about some of the development tools and techniques he has used including automated testing with TickSpec and Fake for builds.

The Scrum User Group welcomed Matteo Emili for his first talk in the UK speaking about Agile Portfolio Management. This talk was a joint meeting with Microsoft ALM User group making it all the more interesting, including some live coding.

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The Neo4J User Group at Skills Matter

This Week at Skills Matter – In Pictures

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Next week at Skills Matter:

Tuesday: The London Clojure Community meet-up & In The Brain of Nicolas Favre-Felix

Wednesday: The London Big-O meet-up & In The Brain of Giovanni Asproni

Thursday: London Scrum Community meet-up

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