GameCraft NYC

Followed by the phenomenal success that was the first GameCraft held in Dublin in February 2012, followed then by a London GameCraft held at Skills Matter HQ the decision was made to take it over the pond. Which resulted in a great response…

GameCraft New York kicked off with a mixture of game developers, graphic designers, sound engineers and all round enthusiasts joining forces to make 4 incredible teams. The teams put their heads together after being given the theme for the event which was “lost doorways” and then for 8 hours they allowed their creative juices to flow with the end result being 4 fantastic games: Escape!, PLAY THIS GAME, Purgatory – Lost Doorways and TeleDoo.

The best game ‘Purgatory – Lost Doorways’  was chosen by a panel of expert judges, built with HTML 5 Canvas and Javascript. The winning team also won people’s choice award.

'Purgatory - Lost Doorways' The winner of GameCraft NY

‘Purgatory – Lost Doorways’ The winner of GameCraft NY

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