This Week & Last

A quick look at Skills Matter evening events This Week & Last. With Easter around the corner we’ve still got plenty on!



London Spring User Group

Building Applications that work with Multiple Clients (with Spring) – In this talk, join Josh Long to learn how Spring can extend your reach through (sometimes Spring Security OAuth-secured) RESTful services exposed through Spring MVC, HTML5 and client-specific rendering thanks to Spring Mobile, and powerful, native support for Android with Spring Android.


London .NET User Group

10 IT Admin skills every .NET developer should have before going live – Omar Al Zabir delivers a talk at the London .NET User Group at Skills Matter on the essential IT admin skills you must have before your project goes live.

London Software Craftsmanship Community (LSCC)

Back to basics – This session will have a set kata and constraints will be set. Come prepared with your favourite language and unit test framework configured.

London Neo4j User Group

How Sharehoods Created Neomodel Along The Way – In this talk, Sharehoods Head of Technology Robin Edwards will explain why and how Neo4j is used at this exciting tech startup. Robin will also give a whirlwind tour of neomodel, a new Python framework for neo4j and its integration with the Django stack.


In The Brain of Damjan Vujnovic

JavaScript from the Trenches – When we decided to build the two main goals were to learn cool stuff and have fun. What went right? What went wrong? What surprised us the most? How do we test, monitor & troubleshoot?

F#unctional Londoners

T2: A Temporal Property Verifier in F# – T2 is a tool created for the purpose of answering sophisticated questions about the universal temporal behaviour of programs. It automatically synthesizes execution environments that impose temporal properties that would not otherwise hold. Using F#, we are able to properly express, model, and verify temporal properties of infinite-state transition systems.


Groovy and Grails User Group (GGUG) – All Hail The Command Object: Are Stateless Services The Only Way?
In The Brain David Pollak – The Grand Unification
Continuous Delivery User Group – Team Transformation for Continuous Delivery
HTML5 User Group – Beginners Guide to HTML5 Apps
London Haskell
London Java Community What do you mean, backwards compatibility
In The Brain of Uncle Bob MartinObject Orientated Design. What is it really?

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