This Week & Last

Here’s another edition of This Week & Last. Your weekly round-up of what we’ve got on This Week and what you can catch up from Last.



London Ouya

RELOAD – OUYA Game Devs vs Fans – Join to experience the OUYA console and play on a selection of exciting games being developed on this revolutionary new console before its release in March.
This is also an opportunity to meet with the game developers powering the changing face of gaming and give your feedback on the OUYA and games being made for it.


In The Brain of Michael Feathers

Functional Pipeline Design in Ruby – Do you know how to design software? Of course you do. We all know how to organize our applications with classes and methods. Often we use frameworks that help us with the easy choices. But many people don’t realize that there are other approaches to design

London Scrum User Group

Iain McKenna – What’s causing your Scrum team pain? What is getting in the way of your team delivering working software in 30 days or less? This is your chance to ask the questions that you just have nobody to ask day to day and to get some useful insights that will help you and your team tomorrow. 


London Scala

PredicitionIO – Introducing The First Scala-Based Open-Source Prediction Server – Join the London Scala User Group on February 27th for a talk delivered by Simon Chan on the first Scala-based open source predicition server.

London Software Craftsmanship

Their monthly hands-on session at Skills Matter

Neo4J User Group

How Can We Use Graph Visualisations to Gain Better Insights – One of the nice aspects of graphs is the fact that they can – if properly represented – can be quite easily visualised and assessed by humans, using specific visualisation applications. In this session we will be taking you through some traditional and mode advanced options that will really help us understand the power and potential of these technologies.


London Java Community

Git – From The Bits Up – So you’ve gotten a handle on Git and know how to use it for everyday development tasks like committing code and pushing and pulling changes with the rest of the team. But do you really know how it works under the covers? In this talk, we’ll commit a file to a brand new repository without ever touching the git add or git commit commands, and in the process learn some critical Git internals that every power user should know.

F#unctional Londoners

The F# 3.0 SQL Server Type Provider – A practical walkthough of F# 3.0’s SQL Server Type provider, and the query {} expression. How to get started. How to write efficient queries. When to use it – and when not to.

Limited WIP Society

Case Studies – Join the Limited WIP Society for a group discussion on Kanban – successful evolutionary change. In our January meeting we agreed that we want to bring up a topic or situation as a case study for us to understand and collaborate on options.


Groovy and Grails (GGUG)

Let’s Brainstorm! – Various people have brought up the need to do more promotion of Groovy and Grails, either internally to companies or to the wider developer community. So let’s get together and discuss what we can do to improve the situation and come up with a plan of action. Let’s leverage an enthusiastic community to make Groovy and its ecosystem more accessible and compelling. Let’s brainstorm!

London ElasticSearch User Group

Real-time Elastic-Search – Share tools, tips, and war stories about using ElasticSearch, the open-source search engine and document store built on Apache Lucene.

London .NET User Group (FULLY BOOKED)

Large Scale Domain Driven Design – In this presentation we look at modules, bounded contexts (including context mapping), distillation of the core domain, and large scale models for a domain.

In The Brain of Nic Ferrier

This Year in Emacs – Emacs is a great operating system and it has at least 3 or 4 good editors. Will this year be when Emacs starts to become a viable application development lisp?

If you want any more information on any of these events or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me on theo(dot)england(at)skillsmatter(dot)com

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