This Week & Last

Another edition of ‘This Week & Last’. Your weekly look at what we’ve got on This Week and what you can catch up from Last.



London Ruby (LRUG)

Lightning Talk Night – February is LRUGs annual lightning talk evening, and as usual they are using the 20×20 format for the talks. If you’ve never encountered this format before it’s when the speaker has 20 slides that auto-transition after 20 seconds, giving them a total of 6 minutes and 40 seconds in which to get their point across.


F#unctional Londoners

F# Coding Dojo – In this regular meetup the group will take on one or more programming challenges in F#. All levels of experience welcome, from beginner to expert. Please try to bring a laptop along with F# installed (ideally either MonoDevelop or Visual Studio Web Express/Full Edition)

London Ajax

Challenging Performance Best Practices– This month’s topic is challenging the assumptions we make about performance best practices.

London Python User Group

Switch to Python 3…Now…Immediately. – With Python 3.2 and even more with Python 3.3, Python 3 became usable for release products. Indeed given the things that are in Python 3 that are not being back-ported to Python 2 (*), using Python 3 should probably be considered mandatory for all Python use. Certainly for new projects, and 2 → 3 ports for all extant codes.

In this session we will investigate some of the issues, especially those relating to handling of concurrency and parallelism, and in particular concurrent.futures. Some material on CSP (**) will almost certainly creep into the session.


London Clojure User Group

This month the London Clojure User Group host a series of lightning talks with Martin Trojer, Jennifer Smith, and Robert Rees taking the stage.

London Java Community

WebSock & JSON Hack Day – During this evening we will be exploring two new Java APIs that will be introduced into JavaEE 7 standards (scheduled to be released in Q2 this year).

London Haskell (HUG)

Lambda Wars – We are working on a project to create a RoboWars like bot arena. If you are interested in building the arena, the bots or just want to write some Haskell, come along to the next LambdaWars meeting!

Londroid – London Android

David Chandler – STORM: An open-source ORM for Sqlite on Android

Kumar Rangarajan – Little Eye Labs – A CT Scanner for your app

London Java Community

Performance Special Interest Group – This event brings together some of London’s top performance experts and gives you the opportunity to ask them questions about topics of your choice.

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