Functional Programming eXchange 2013

Functional Programming eXchange

For the Skills Matter veterans among you, you’ll know that the Functional Programming eXchange (#FPX) is being held for its fifth consecutive year. Now established as a key date in the Functional programming calendar, the FPX brings together a spectrum of Functional programmers, enthusiasts, and experts across the Functional paradigm.

As those that have attended the conference in recent years will know, the day is full of debate and discussion on best methods, tools, and practices.

Alongside programme lead Robert Pickering, we’ve put together an incredible line-up of speakers and talks on Functional programming. Here’s what you can expect to see on the day:

  • Simon Peyton Jones takes you on an adventure with types
  • The latest in F# with Don Syme
  • What’s David Pollak been up to developing Lift 3.0?
  • Robert Rees contrasts Clojure & Scala
  • …and there’s Robert PickeringNic FerrierAdam GraniczAlain Frisch, and Paul Dale!

The day will close with a park-bench discussion in which you can put your questions directly to the speakers of the eXchange.

Sound like your cup of tea?

If you’re developing in the Functional model, this one-day conference is not to be missed! You can grab the last early bird at £195 if you book by February 15th.

The Skills Matter Team

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