This Week & Last

We’re entering February and here’s another This Week and Last – your weekly catch up on what we’ve got this planned this week, and what you can catch up on from last.



London Clojure User Group

This month the London Clojure User Group host a series of lightning talks with Martin Trojer, Jennifer Smith, and Robert Rees taking the stage.


London Java Community

WebSock & JSON Hack Day – During this evening we will be exploring two new Java APIs that will be introduced into JavaEE 7 standards (scheduled to be released in Q2 this year).

London Haskell (HUG)

Lambda Wars – We are working on a project to create a RoboWars like bot arena. If you are interested in building the arena, the bots or just want to write some Haskell, come along to the next LambdaWars meeting!


Londroid – London Android

David Chandler – STORM: An open-source ORM for Sqlite on Android

Kumar Rangarajan – Little Eye Labs – A CT Scanner for your app

London Java Community

Performance Special Interest Group – This event brings together some of London’s top performance experts and gives you the opportunity to ask them questions about topics of your choice.


In The Brain of Russ Miles

A tour through the jungles of Spring Integration 2.2.0 – Russ Miles took a tour through the new features of Spring Integration 2.2.0 as well as covering some real-world integration patterns in action. Russ demonstrates how to evolve complicated integration patterns elegantly and simply from first principles to implementation using Spring Integration.

Limited WIP Society

How have you applied Kanban? Share understanding of what Kanban means to you How you have applied it successes and failures What we want to explore more in this meeting and others.

London Software Craftsmanship

Extreme Start-up – In this dojo the group simulated the environment of a startup. They created a situation of high uncertainty about the market’s needs, and asked teams to develop a product that performs well within the market.

Functional Londoners

Funscript with Zach Bray – FunScript lets you connect to Web APIs like Freebase and the World Bank with Type Providers and visualize data using typed JavaScript libraries via a TypeScript Type Provider. Zach Bray creator of FunScript will take us through this open source project.

Neo4j User Group

CASE STUDY: Using Graph Theory & Graph Databases to understand User Intent – In this presentation Michael Cutler will describe how TUMRA have used graph-based NLP algorithms as a core component of their upcoming digital marketing product TUMRA Optimize.

If you want any more information on any of these events or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me on theo(dot)england(at)skillsmatter(dot)com.

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