This Week & Last!

A new year and a fresh look at our community evening events! This is your comprehensive look at what’s on at Skills Matter this week, and what you can catch up on from last.



Groovy & Grails User Group

Groovy Coding Session – Peter Ledbrook leads the GGUG for a Groovy coding session, looking at common challenges for the Groovy developer. Make sure you bring your laptop!


Agile Practioners User Group

Play Doh Zoo – Michael Crik, a Certified Scrum Practitioner gives a talk to the Agile Practitioners on Agile UX Game development.

London Clojure User Group

Clojure at Nokia Entertainment – Join us at Skills Matter as Nokia’s Andrew Jones and Ben Griffiths share their experiences of shifting their production to Clojure.

London Lua

The creator of Lua, Roberto Ierusalimschy gives a Q&A at the London Lua UG plus two talks with Justin Cormack and Gavin Wraith


London Scala

Scaling the Use of Scala -Willie Faler will give share his experiences of scaling scala in the real world.


In The Brain of Uncle Bob – (FULLY BOOKED)

Let’s learn a little bit of Clojure -Uncle Bob gives his thoughts on why Clojure is the next language you should learn.

OUYA Meetup

The session will feature a series of quick fire 2 minute game introduction / demo’s by each of the devs at the start. The night will end with a brief Q&A session with Al Sutton from Ouya at the end.


F#unctional Londoners

F# expert Keith Battocchi delivered a talk on ‘Systems Information Programming Made Simple w/F# WMI Provider Sample’

London Java Community (LJC)

Garbage Collection. The Useful Parts – This presentation will give the busy Java/JVM developer an overview of how Garbage Collection in the JVM works and the common collectors that are used.

If you want any more information on any of these events or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me on theo(dot)england(at)skillsmatter(dot)com.

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