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Hello all!

Check out our community talks and coding sessions this week at Skills Matter. Plus, we’ve got all the content from last week.

If you’re interested in getting involved in the community, or have any questions, scroll down to the bottom for our contact details!



London Ruby User Group 

This month, London Ruby User Group (LRUG) have talks on three topics.

Claudio Ortolina – Hermes, add wings to Ruby and Javascript development
Joel Chippindale – My tests run faster than your tests
Frederrick Cheung – Going Native

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In The Brain of Greg Young – Event Store as a Read Model

Did you realize the event store is not just an event store for the write side but also a stream database on the read side?

We will look at the event store from a read model perspective and how to efficiently index and issue stream temporal queries using nothing but .. JavaScript

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London Haskell (HUG) – LamdbaWars

In this first meeting we will to figure out where the community (you !!!) want to take this project and flesh out the game world physics as well the high level architecture.

Come along and bring your laptop, we will be coding.

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In The Brain of Philipp Haller – Combining Concurrency Abstractions

Actors have become a commonly used abstraction for concurrent and parallel programming in Scala. However, many real-world systems and applications combine actors with other concurrency abstractions, such as futures, or threads and shared-memory synchronization constructs.

This talk explores pitfalls of typical combinations and provides some advice on ensuring their correctness and efficiency.

F#unctional Londoners with Don Syme

Don Syme (@dsyme) will dig into the Freebase type provider

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Stephen Smith – The Strangler Pipeline

In this talk Steve Smith will share some of the people and technical challenges encountered while building a pipeline for 60+ applications at Sky Network Services, including the use of the Strangler pattern and applying autonomation (“automation with a human touch”) practices to an organisation.

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Check out our podcasts of last weeks talks!


Franz Bettag – In The Brain of Franz Bettag: Scala & LiftWeb for Web Development


Jimmy Bogard – Real World Polyglot Persistence

London Clojurians


Udi Dahan – Balancing Agile and Architecture

London 0MQ User Group


David Winterfeldt – Automated Provisioning of Spring Apps to EC2 & VMware vCloud

London Lua – Developing a Lua VM in Javascript

If you have any questions in regard to our community events, please do not hesitate to get in contact with myself on theo.england<at>!

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