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Here’s your weekly update on what’s ‘happening’ and happened at Skills Matter when the sun goes down…



Franz Bettag – In The Brain of Franz Bettag: Scala & LiftWeb for Web Development

Franz will be presenting his experiences with Liftweb and Netty, as well as Web-Development with Scala in general. He will explain how Scala has enabled him to produce meaningfulstable and performing code and why it is endless fun for him!

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Jimmy Bogard – Real World Polyglot Persistence

It always sounds easy – “use the best tool for the job”. When it comes time to building systems with multiple persistent stores, we’re met with challenges in integration, existing applications, and push back from IT administrators. In this session, we’ll look at the multitude of challenges of achieving polyglot persistence nirvana, and strategies for addressing associated risks.

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Join The London Clojure Community on December 4th for a series of lightening talks on all things Clojure – featuring Robert Rees on Clojure vs Scala and Philip Potter on Contributing back to Clojure.


Udi Dahan – Balancing Agile and Architecture

There’s always been this tension between the agile and architecture camps. What both camps don’t always realize is that the purpose of their actions is really about managing risk. Join Udi Dahan for an irreverent romp through agile principles, architectural “best practices”, and the organizational dysfunction that binds them.

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London 0MQ User Group

We will launch the London 0MQ User Group with Pieter Hintjens talking about the mind-boggling awesomeness of Zero. Pieter, the author of the forthcoming O’Reilly book on 0MQ and one of the founders of the project, will explain the basics of this connectivity library: what problems it solves and how it works.

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David Winterfeldt – Automated Provisioning of Spring Apps to EC2 & VMware vCloud

This session will focus on deploying and managing your Spring Application in the cloud using VMware vFabric Application Director. A series of Spring applications, increasing in complexity, will be deployed. The deployments will cover generating property files and activating Spring profiles.

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London Lua – Developing a Lua VM in Javascript

Paul is a front-end web developer at Gamesys, one of the UK’s largest online gaming companies, on their multi-platform development team. From a software engineering background, he now spends most of his time in the browser, coding JavaScript. Outside of work Paul is helping found a Hackspace in Hitchin and can talk for hours about Formula One.

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Follow the links to see the podcasts!


Ayende Rahien – What’s New in RavenDB 1.2

London Titanium – New to Titanium?


Neo4j User Group – Using Graphs to Analyse Public Spending on International Development.


Jon Jagger – Principles of Improvement

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