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Here’s our weekly round-up of what’s ‘happening’ and happened at Skills Matter. It’s a simple concept – find out what’s on this week, and how you can catch up on last. All at Skills Matter, all for free!



In The Brain of Paul Stack – Continuous Integration is No Longer the Goal, but the Norm

Leading expert Paul Stack will give reason to his title plus will also give his thoughts on why CI isn’t just a tool.

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Groovy and Grails User Group

The group will run through some sample problems and see what types of solutions people come up with.

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London Testing User Group

James Bach, a member of the Context-Driven School community, will deliver a talk to the London Testing community this Tuesday.

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F#unctional Londoners

An introduction to the F# Foundation followed by a group Coding Kata exercise (please bring a laptop with F# installed MonoDevelop with F# binding or Visual Studio Full or Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web).

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London Ruby User Group

Talks by Andrew Nesbitt on ‘An introduction to Rubymotion’ and Khash Sajadi on ‘Background processing in Ruby (and Rails)

Watch the video here!



London Ajax User Group – Performance in JavaScript

Jonathan Fielding leads a short trip through the different ways in which one can optimise javascript to take into account how a user will interact with the page to minimise loading time and maximise the performance of the site.

Watch the video here!



In The Brain of Richard Clark – Practical Websockets

Richard will review the WebSocket protocol, discover how to deploy it successfully, look at the programming APIs, and see how to debug WebSocket traffic.

Watch the video here!



London .NET User Group – Event Driven Architecture

So you have decided to break up that monolithic application into services, after all it worked for Amazon, right? Perhaps you want to embrace the DevOps model, perhaps you want to scale your development. But just how do all those services talk to each other, and how do you build a UI on top of them?

Watch the video here!


Have a suggestion on a user group, talk, or community gathering here at Skills Matter? Get in touch – theo.england[@]

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