Guess who’s BACK…

It’s been a while since we’ve said a couple of words on here.  Let’s not dwell on the past too much and instead focus on what we have in store for you. Over the next couple of weeks, there’ll be some changes to this blog, some minor updates left and right, and a trickle of posts before we proper revive it again.

From then on, we’ll give you regular updates on the goings-on at Skills Matter: we’ll give you a heads-up on upcoming, not to be missed community talks; we’ll report on our conferences; we’ll delve a little deeper into our courses; We’ll throw you the occasional raffle; we’ll introduce some of our beloved Skills Matter experts a little more informally to you here; heck, maybe we’ll even show our own faces should we feel a tad narcissistic.  And we shall most certainly offer a few peeks into the shenanigans in the nerve-centre behind Skills Matter!

All in all, excuse our radio silence over the summer, but trust: we’re back!

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