DDD eXchange: one week to go! @skillsmatter #dddx

Now in its 4th year, the DDD Exchange has become one of the focal points of the DDD community

The Skills Matter DDD eXchange 2012 is just a week away — and we’re excited to be able to announce two new presenters for this star-studded conference.  While we are sad to report that Hans Dockter will no longer be presenting at the DDD eXchange, the great news is that we now have Cyrille Martraire and Alberto Brandolini lending their skills and their brains.

Cyrille will report on how DDD has been applied to capture deep models of the domain, within bounded contexts that emerged in the course of the project, and how DDD also helped to build a strategy for dealing with the legacy code. Read more here

Alberto has been helping different development teams exploring complicated domains to implement sophisticated application. But the more he explores very different domains, the more he has realised there’s more underlying commonalities that he hadn’t previously realised. Read more here

There are still tickets available through the Skills Matter website — get yours here

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