Progressive .NET Tutorials: watch the videos! @skillsmatter #prognet

Watch the videos from the 2012 Progressive .NET Tutorials

It’s been a week since the Progressive .NET Tutorials at Skills Matter.  The 3 days of tutorails were such a blast that we all needed two bank holidays just to recover and start planning the next big event.

No word of a lie, this was easily the best and most diverse #prognet we have ever run at Skills Matter — along with talks in Messaging and C#, there was Javascript, HTML5, RavenDB, Windows 8, simple.web, deliberate discovery and F#.   We also think at Skills Matter that Ian Cooper deserves a lion’s share of the praise for helping to put together such an incredible event as Progressive .NET Tutorials.  Show him some love.

Enough talk, though — you want to know what you missed and where you can see the videos, right? Right.  Then wait no more and look no further.

Liz Keogh on Deliberate Discovery, Cynefin and Real Options

Don Syme & Phil Trelford on Practical Functional-first Programming with F#

Matthew Baxter-Reynolds on Metro-style Apps for .NET Developers

Liam Westley on Async and C#5 – An Advance Screening

Mark Rendle on Introduction to Simple.Web

Ian Cooper on Messaging 101

Gary Short on End to End Javascript

Ben Hall on Automated Acceptance Testing

Dan Thomas on HTML5

Dylan Beattie on Security and Identity in the .NET World

Andrea Magnorsky on Introduction to RavenDB

Ashic Mahtab on Messaging – It’s not just about Large Scale Integration

Don’t forget — if you enjoyed the tutorials and videos please share them!  Most people find out about Skills Matter through word of mouth, so don’t keep it all to yourself!

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