Apps for Good Awards 2012 (AFGA2012)

Apps for Good is the brainchild of non-profit organisation CDI Europe and aims to ignite a passion for technology and social enterprise in young people in the UK, as well as eImagencouraging young people to use technology to tackle problems for social good.

Apps for Good have to date run several “Dragons Den” style events, where teams of school pupils have presented to a panel of industry expert “dragons” the apps that they have devised to tackle problems they see among their peers and in their communities.

Building on the success of these events, CDI Europe has announced the first “Apps for Good Awards” (AFGA2012). 

Through AFGA2012, student teams from over 40 UK schools will have the chance to win exclusive prizes from top technology sponsors such as Dell, Barclaycard and the Nominet Trust.

Winning entries will receive prizes including having the winning apps built by one of the AFGA sponsors, tickets to top venues and a trip to the London finals to present in front of top industry experts.

You can read more about the AFGA categories and the event itself here, and to get more information about the incredible work that CDI Europe is doing with Apps for Good, you should go here.

After all, who could possibly not want to make the world a better place?

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